Blog #1243: Toy Review: Transformers: Unite Warriors Megatronia (Flowpsade, Lunaclub, Moonheart, Megaempress, Trickdiamond)

Transformers: Unite Warriors Megatronia (Flowpsade, Lunaclub, Moonheart, Megaempress, Trickdiamond)

So, the names.  Megatronia and Megaempress aren’t bad, but I don’t know what they were thinking for the others.  All are based on the four suits in a deck of cards.  Why?  I have no idea.  Flowspade sounds like a tool you would use to fix a toilet.  Lunaclub could be Miami’s newest night club.  Moonheart sounds like a Care Bear.  Trickdiamond sounds like something you do on a skateboard.  Having said that, I would rather have good toys with bad names than bad toys with good names.


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I love the black and purple color scheme on Flowspade.  While the pink plastic does not match the pink paint perfectly, it’s a thousand times better than most Hasbro toys match the paint to plastic.  It should be noted that this is now the 13th use of this mold.  I am not certain, but I think that might make this the most repainted Transformer ever.  I can’t think of any other one repainted that many times.  I have a sneaking suspicion we are getting one more of this mold.

Lunaclub & Moonheart

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Lunaclub and Moonheart retained the opposite paint jobs of Skyburst and Stormclash, but use colors schemes that don’t suck.  I love the way they painted their faces with the black on the sides.  They look really great.


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It is very rare that a new paint job can fix a horrible design flaw, but Megaempress does just that.  One of the problems with Pyra Magna was the giant red and green head sitting at the end of her ladder.  By making the ladder and head black, it looks a thousand times less stupid.  I never would have guessed they could fix that issue, but Takara managed to do it.  I love the color scheme, especially in robot mode.  Megaempress looks great.


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Trickdiamond’s black and yellow color scheme looks fantastic.  I’m not crazy about the Black stripe around the top of her head in robot mode, but other than that her robot mode looks great.


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I had not intended to get Megatronia until I saw her in person.  The toy takes Victorion, one of the worst toys in recent memory, and makes her look awesome.  The paint job is beautiful, and by swapping Victorion’s legs and arms Megatronia look much better proportioned.

Overall: I feel like this toy is a must, because it shows what Victorion could have been with a better color scheme.

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