Favorite Links

A collection of links to sites I like and use frequently.

Collecting Supplies

The 2 Buds [www.the2buds.com]
Hot Flips [www.hotflips.com]

Comic Books

Comic Books Price Guide [www.comicspriceguide.com]

Comic Stop [www.thecomicstop.com]
Dark Horse Comics [www.darkhorse.com]
IDW Comics [www.idwpublishing.com]
Image Comics [www.imagecomics.com]
Marvel Chronology [chronologyproject.com]
Marvel Comics [www.marvel.com]
Metropolis Comics [www.metropoliscomics.com]
Mile High Comics [www.milehighcomics.com]
New Force Comics [www.newforcecomics.com]
Wizard Universe [www.wizarduniverse.com]

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Fan Fiction [www.harrypotterfanfiction.com]
Harry Potter Lexicon [www.hp-lexicon.org]
Harry, A History [www.harryahistory.com]
The Leaky Cauldron [www.the-leaky-cauldron.org]
Leaky News [www.leakynews.com]
Muggle Net [www.mugglenet.com]
PotterCast [www.pottercast.com]
Real Wizard Rock [realwizardrock.com]
WizRocklopedia [wizrocklopedia.com]
Wrockway [wrockway.weebly.com]


Big Cartoon Database [www.bcdb.com]
Box Office Mojo [www.boxofficemojo.com]
Coming Soon [www.comingsoon.net]
Episode Guides [www.epguides.com]
Internet Movie Database [www.imdb.com]
Internet Movie Firearms Database [www.imdb.com]
Moviefone [moviefone.com]
TV Guide [tvguide.com]


Nerdfighters [www.nerdfighters.com]


Action Figure Express [www.actionfigureexpress.com]
Amazon.com [www.amazon.com]
Barnes & Noble [www.bn.com]
Best Buy [www.bestbuy.com]
Big Bad Toy Store [www.bigbadtoystore.com]
Big Island Toys [www.bigislandtoys.com]
Case Busters [www.casebusters.com]
Cool Japanese Toys [www.cooljapanesetoys.com]
Digital Toys [www.digital-toys.com]
eBay [www.ebay.com]
Half.com [www.half.com]
Hasbro Toy Shop [www.hasbrotoyshop.com]
Hobby Link Japan [www.hlj.com]
Image Anime [www.imageanime.com]
Kay Bee Toys [www.kbkids.com]
K-Mart [www.kmart.com]
Lynne’s ST Auction [www.jklm.net]
Microcenter [www.microcenter.com]
New England Comics [www.newenglandcomics.com]
Newbury Comics [www.newbury.com]
OfficeMax [www.officemax.com]
Robozone [www.robozone.com]
Staples [www.staples.com]
Target [www.target.com]
TFAW [www.tfaw.com]
That’s Entertainment [www.thatse.com]
Toys R Us [www.tru.com]
Wal Mart [www.walmart.com]
Walgreens [www.walgreens.com]
Wicked Cool Stuff [www.wickedcoolstuff.com]


Baseball Almanac [baseball-almanac.com]
Baseball Archive [www.baseball1.com]
Baseball Reference [www.baseball-reference.com]
Baseball Statistics [baseball-statistics.com]
Boston Bruins [www.bostonbruins.com]
Boston Celtics [www.celtics.com]
Boston Red Sox [www.redsox.com]
ESPN [www.espn.com]
ESPN Boston [www.espnboston.com]
Major League Baseball [www.mlb.com]
NESN [www.nesn.com]
New England Patriots [www.patriots.com]
WEEI Sport Radio 850 [www.weei.com]

Star Blazers

Space Cruiser Yamato [www.spacecruiseryamato.com/home]
Star Blazers Retrospective [www.mediacircus.net/sb.html]
StarBlazers.com [www.starblazers.com]

Star Trek

StarTrek.com [www.startrek.com]

Trading Cards

Beckett Media [www.beckett.com]
Donruss [www.donruss.com]
House of Checklists [www.nslists.com/jachlist.htm]
Topps [www.topps.com]
Upper Deck [www.upperdeck.com]


Edaville Railroad [www.edaville.com]
Seashore Trolley Museum [www.trolleymuseum.org]
Steam Town [www.nps.gov/stea]


The AllSpark [www.theallspark.com]
Botch The Crab [www.BotchTheCrab.com/archive]
Botcon [www.botcon.com]
Cybertron Archive [www.tfarchive.org]
Prime Saber’s Home Page [www.primesaber.com]
Seibertron [seibertron.com]
Soundwave’s Oblivion [soundwavesoblivion.com]
TF Exchange [www.tformers.com]
TFU.info [www.tfu.info]
TFW2005 [www.tfw2005.com]
Transformers Archive [www.tfarchive.com]
Transformers Club [www.transformersclub.com]
Transformers Wiki [tfwiki.net]
Unicron.com [unicron.com]


Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators [scbwi.org]

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