Here are links to my fanfiction.  The same stories are on all three sites, so you can take your pic.  I might post an excerpt from one of my novels sometime, but for now, it’s just the fanfiction.  I’m not kidding when I say this, my Star Trek and Transformers Fanfiction were the first fanfics I ever wrote.  They are bad.  You’ve been warned.

Harry Potter

FanFiction.net [Author Name: LMB3]

Sink Into Your Eyes [Author Name: LMB3]

Star Trek




3 Responses to Writing

  1. lmb3 says:

    Thanks so much. I hope to finish it someday, but I’m working on a novel, and I don’t kow when I’ll get to it. Glad you liked them.



  2. deniz says:

    Hi, I read your fanfic on SIYE. They’re really good. I hope you can complete “Harry Potter and the Edge of Infinity”.

  3. so-in-love says:

    hi there lewis!

    i just finished reading your fic harry potter and the final chapter (after reading the first two fics before that of course). i wanted so much to give you a review but i dnt know how to post one at sink onto your eyes (i havent bothered to register yet because your fics were the first novel length ones i had read plus yours were the ones among those that i read worth to give a review for so far.. haha) i know you mentioned on the chapter end notes of the epilogue that your readers could message you but for some reason, i cnt find your email adress (i must be quite blind and im really not an expert in all these internet stuff and all). so i googled for your name at yahoo and then saw the link to this page and decided to just leave a message here! so here it goes… hahhaha

    WOW!. i cannot tell you how many times iv cried reading your fics. i mean…it all seems like its the real thing you know? like the real after story for what JKR left out to her readers’ imagination…. i stayed up until 4 am for the last 3 days, and 5am for last night (or perhaps earlier this day already) just so i can finish it! i have work to do but i cnt do it because i have to read your stories! i keep telling myself that after one or two chapters ill stop for a while so i can finish doing my articles and all but i just cant!

    your fic chapter 37, picking up the pieces made me cry like crazy. i mean, lately iv been having the harry potter flu (which means iv been suddenly nostalgic about HP) and decided to read more fics. i really truly love chapter 37 because it all gives feeling to so many character deaths.

    in the legend of the twelve, i really had goose bumps reading the beyond the veil part. haha. going through your stories, i felt the excitement that i only had when i had the copy of the deathly hallows on my hand and i was about to read it for the first time. i believe the best compliment i can give you is that you made me feel quite the same as JKR made me feel with her harry potter books 1-7.

    id really like to thank you for giving time, effort and creativity into this work to share to those who will always love harry potter. thank you so much. =)

    the final chapter was great, though since im such a sucker for happy endings, i really would wish that there was an epilogue for the epilogue. haha. like i wish that after all of it and after wonderful years, you would show the time when harry and ginny will be reunited again. i love the part about the possibilities beyond the veil, i just wish that there was a fic who centered stories on what happens beyond the veil. i really really wish there was another chapter in HP and The Final Chapter telling us how harry and his parents are, then detailing how harry and ginny were reunited. but other than that, it was really really an amazing read!

    congratulations for your wonderful fics, you really are a wonderful author. i hope you continue to use your creativity to make wonderful stories such as these

    PS. im a big fan of star wars as well and i already had a feeling that harry could turn over to the dark side if ginny dies. heehe….i would love to hear a reply from you… if you have the time, its a real honor if you could contact me at my email address, gian_corps@yahoo.com. thank you! =)

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