Blog #2391: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Skyfire

Transformers Masterpiece Skyfire


Skyfire comes with two additional faces.


Skyfire, unlike most Masterpiece toys, is completely out of scale with the rest of the line. He’d need to be ten times larger to be in scale, so he comes with mini figures of Jazz, Optimus Prime, and Wheeljack. The paintjobs on these are fantastic. They are really cool. I kind of hope we get more of these. Maybe down the road they will do a Masterpiece Omega Supreme and include a bunch more.

Vehicle Mode: In vehicle mode Skyfire is absolutely incredible and completely enormous. They did an amazing job on him. His colors are perfect, his design is perfect. I can’t say the jet with legs mode does anything for me. I know that’s a Robotech thing.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Skyfire is absolutely awesome, one of the most beautiful Transformers ever made. He has a replaceable chest to make him a Decepticon or to remove his symbol completely. I love the design of his gun, though I think I would have preferred it to be black).

Overall: Skyfire is an absolute must have, though he is very expensive. He is worth the price, though I am a bit worried I’ll wake up one day to find that he’s tuned yellow. Hopefully they used higher quality plastic on him than on some other recent white plastic toys. Most Masterpiece toys get repainted, though Skyfire feels like one of the few that won’t be. However, while transforming him, I did have a thought. His rocket pack is two haves with a piece in the middle that folds up so you can close the two haves in robot mode to make it narrower. This gave me an idea. Could they do a remold of Skyfire as Jetfire? I know it’s unlikely, but hear me out. The backpack is two separate pieces already, so you could remold each side to be separate boosters. The top section in the middle, could easily be remolded to flip back and become the tail fins. Certainly his legs and arms could be remolded and his armor added. I think they could remold his chest. The question is, would they want to? I won’t hold my breath, but I could totally see it.

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