Blog #1141: Toy Review: Transformers: Unite Warriors Technobots (Afterburner, Lightspeed, Nosecone, Scattershot, Strafe, Computron)

Transformers: Unite Warriors Technobots (Afterburner, Lightspeed, Nosecone, Scattershot, Strafe, Computron

tfuwtb-01 tfuwtb-02


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tfuwtb-03 tfuwtb-04 tfuwtb-05 tfuwtb-06 tfuwtb-07 tfuwtb-08 tfuwtb-09

Afterburner is the same mold used by Hasbro for the Combiner Wars Version of Computron.  He has a new paint job that is really nice, but he is the wrong color.  Afterburner is orange, not red, so in that way the USA version is a bit more accurate.  Afterburner has new weapons that the USA version did not.  They are somewhat based on his G1 weapons, but are pretty flat.  I would have liked them to b a little thicker.


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tfuwtb-10 tfuwtb-11 tfuwtb-12 tfuwtb-13 tfuwtb-14 tfuwtb-15 tfuwtb-16

The Japanese Lightspeed is a million times better than the USA version.  In vehicle mode this toy looks way more like Lightspeed with the wrap around windows and spoiler.  It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close.  He has a new head and looks awesome in robot mode.  I really love how Lightspeed came out.


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tfuwtb-17 tfuwtb-18 tfuwtb-19 tfuwtb-20 tfuwtb-21 tfuwtb-22 tfuwtb-23

Wow.  They took a mediocre toy and made a pretty decent one out of it.  It’s way better than the atrocious USA version.  In vehicle mode he looks to be extensively remolded, but it’s really not.  They replaced his wheels with fake tank treads with small wheels underneath and replaced the cover that formed the front of the vehicle with a new part with the drill on it.  He has a new head, but the rest of him has not been remolded.  He does have three new weapons.  They did a really nice job on Nosecone.


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tfuwtb-24 tfuwtb-25 tfuwtb-26 tfuwtb-27 tfuwtb-28 tfuwtb-29

This is the third Voyager Scattershot we’ve got from this mold.  None of them are perfect.  This is probably the best of them, but I would have preferred he have more maroon like the original toy.  I love the new guns.


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tfuwtb-30 tfuwtb-31 tfuwtb-32 tfuwtb-33 tfuwtb-34 tfuwtb-35 tfuwtb-36

This one is really a toss up.  Both are really great looking.  The Japanese version has a few things going for it.  It’s white instead of gray.  It’s front guns are removable.  But I don’t like his wings as much as the USA version.  The Japanese version does have a better head sculpt.


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tfuwtb-37 tfuwtb-38

Computron has a new head and a new chest (and no pink).  The Japanese version definitely looks much better, I just wish he had the hands and feet of the USA version.

Overall: There is no question that overall the Japanese version of Computron and the Technobots is vastly superior in most ways.  I highly recommend this one.

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10 Responses to Blog #1141: Toy Review: Transformers: Unite Warriors Technobots (Afterburner, Lightspeed, Nosecone, Scattershot, Strafe, Computron)

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  9. Comic Book Guy says:

    Very thorough. The comparison is appreciated. I mean, I’ll still buy the crappy US version, because it’s half the price, but…

  10. DarkAlex1978 says:

    Well, as I said before I’m generaly despise all this retool/repaint policy BUT in this case I have to give credit to Takara for trying hard to achieve some decent result and succeeding, expecially compared to Hasbro who doesn’t fail in embarassing itself (Ok, I know that i may sound harsh, but Hasbro’s Nosecone is simply a tank without the barrel and a drill poking out from its ass…. really, I wish to know who saw that and said “yeah, it is good: produce it”).
    Too bad for hands and feet, but I wonder why Hasbro or Takara didn’t use them from the beginning: they obvioulsy looks better than those universal messes.

    The only one I dislike in both versions is Afterburner, because his vehicle mode is just a plain motorbike not as cool and unique as the vintage desing.

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