Blog #1022: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Voyager Technobot Scattershot

0generations-logoTransformers: Generations: Combiner Wars Voyager Technobot Scattershot


Scattershot is repainted and remolded from Aerialbot Silverbolt.  You can read my Silverbolt review here and my Cyclonus review here.

tfgencwvoytbss-2 tfgencwvoytbss-3

Vehicle Mode: Scattershot has been heavily remolded from Silverbolt.  He doesn’t look much like G1 Scattershot, they did give him vaguely similar wings.  While I am not thrilled with this toy, I figured this is what was going to happen.  It’s a pretty cool toy, aside from not looking like Scattershot.  On the other hand, I’ve never considered Scattershot’s vehicle mode anywhere near as iconic as the first four combiner leaders.

tfgencwvoytbss-4 tfgencwvoytbss-5

Robot Mode: They did a nice job on Scattershot’s head sculpt, and overall he looks similar to G1 Scattershot’s robot mode.

Overall: He’s certainly not perfect.  When Scattershot was announced without limbs, someone from Hasbro said that his combined mode with the second wave of Autobot limbs would be Betatron.  That clearly suggests we are getting Technobot limbs.  We know that Brawl is being remolded to Nosecone as that mold has already been shown as Botcon 2016 Ramhorn.  We can assume one of the cars, probably Streetwise, can be repainted and hopefully remolded into Lightspeed.  I am guessing that the Japanese Groove will be remolded into Afterburner and probably either one of the jets or the Japanese Blast Off remolded as Strafe.  As long as we ultimately get the whole set, I can live with Scattershot, but if they don’t do the limbs, then you can skip him.

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