Blog #1126: Toy Review: Botcon 2016 Club Subscription Service 4.0 Deluxe Impactor

0botcon16Botcon 2016 Club Subscription Service 4.0 Deluxe Impactor


Impactor is a repaint of Transformers Generations Deluxe Rook with a new head and includes Transformers Generations Deluxe Arcee’s weapons.  Read my reviews of the previous versions of this mold: Rook, Wandering Roller

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I will start out by saying that I know nothing about this character.  I’m told he’s a big deal to some, but for me, this is just a waste of a toy.  There were so many better options for a toy, this is a complete disappointment.  The head sculpt is awful and it’s paint job is even worse.  He is supposed to have a spear for his right hand, which is one reason for including Arcee’s weapons.  Problem is, the port at the end of his right hand has some kind of molding issue.  Neither his regular weapon nor Arcee’s sword will stay in the port.  The left one is fine, but that’s supposed to be a hand, so it doesn’t help.  Also, because he’s not supposed to have a right hand, they didn’t paint it, which looks stupid.  You would think they would have learned from the terrible paint job on Sideburn’s head.  The larger of Arcee’s gun, the painted one, does look kind of like his shoulder gun.  Unfortunately, there is no way to mount it on top of his shoulder.  You can only put it on his arm.  It does look pretty good on his vehicle mode.  Interestingly, all of Arcee’s weapons have rectangular pegs, and the mold has mostly octagonal ports.  Putting a rectangular peg into an octagonal port seems like the best possible description of Fun Publication’s eleven years of running Botcon and the Transformers Collector’s Club.

Grade: D-

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