Blog #1125: Toy Review: Transformers: San Diego Comic Con 2016 Merchandise and Giveaways

0g1Transformers: San Diego Comic Con 2016 Merchandise and Giveaways

I did not go to San Diego Comic Con, but have managed to track down most of the times being sold and given away.  There is not much to say about most of these, but here they are.

Combiner Wars Advertising Cards Menasor & Windblade

tfsdcc2016-01 tfsdcc2016-02

Combiner Wars Poster


Combine Wars Print


Earth Wars Patches Autobot & Decepticon and Instructions

tfsdcc2016-05 tfsdcc2016-06 tfsdcc2016-07

Earth Wars Poster


OPSPARC Advertising Card


Revolution Comic


Revolution Lithograph


I’m still looking for one of these lithographs.

Revolution Shopping Bag


Robots in Disguise Poster


Robots In Disguise DVD Advertising Card


Thrilling Thirty Poster


I’m not sure of this poster.  I have a print of the same image from a few years ago.  Not sure if this was new or just old posters being given out, but I’ve never seen it before this year.  Kind of odd that they would use an image that was years out of date for a new poster, but maybe Shout Factory is just cheap.

Titans Return Comic Exclusive Cover


Titans Return Shopping Bag Large & Small

tfsdcc2016-17 tfsdcc2016-18

Titans Return Story Book


These were given out by Hasbro.  A PDF download is available here, but I’m still looking for a physical copy.  It contains Titans Return story and bios.

Transformers: The Movie Advertising Card and Poster

tfsdcc2016-19 tfsdcc2016-20

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