Blog #1124: Toy Review: Transformers: San Diego Comic Con 2016 Soundwave

0g1Transformers: San Diego Comic Con 2016 Soundwave

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So, this toy was released in China and is based on a Chinese tablet, which is in all likelihood a knocked off iPad.  The back is just folded up robot parts.  I guess it looks okay as a tablet if you don’t look at the back.  It’s not an awful toy.  It’s kind of interesting, but as Soundwave it’s a piece of shit.  I have two theories for why we got this thing.  Theory number one is that Hasbro is so lacking in imagination, that they couldn’t come up with a third exclusive so they released this.  I could come up with a bunch of exclusives that would be better using current molds.  My other theory is that they did have a different toy planned, but for some reason they couldn’t do it, and this was the only substitute they could come up with at the last minute.

Now, since I said I could come up with other exclusives, here are some of the ones they could have done.

1. A Beast Wars 30th Anniversary Two Pack of Mindwipe and Skullsmasher with Sentinel Prime and Galvatron’s heads as Optimus Primal Bat and Megatron Alligator.  I know they are half way doing this in Japan, but I thought of it long before they announced it.

2. The Alligatacon from the G1 episode City of Steel from Skullcruncher’s body with Sentinel Prime’s head in Optimus Prime colors.

3. Combiner Wars G2 Defensor.  (Seriously Hasbro, how the hell do you skip this for fucking Victorion?)

4. Maybe they could have done a two pack of Titans Return Blurr and Scourge with paint jobs that don’t suck.

Overall: This toy really isn’t worth your time or money.

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