Blog #1528: Toy Review: Transformers Infobar Optimus Prime

Transformers Infobar Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is now a really old looking cell phone. This is another in a series of stupid toys like the Optimus Prime USB Power Bank from Hascon and the Soundwave tablet from San Diego Comic Con 2016. Hasbro and Takara, stop making this crap and make good toys.

He comes with a cell phone stand and an image of Optimus Prime to replace the screen.

Here he is. He looks like a fifteen year old cell phone. Why you ask? Well, apparently this toy is meant to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of this actual really old cell phone in 2002. I don’t get it. Why make a toy to celebrate an old phone? I would understand it as advertising for a new phone, but this just makes no sense. Is celebrating the anniversary of outdated technology a thing in Japan? No idea what they were thinking. The random color buttons look stupid.

In robot mode Optimus Prime looks like someone took his head and stuck it on some knock off toy. Look, he’s holding himself.

Overall: I don’t get it.

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