Blog #1153 Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Combiner Wars: Platinum Edition Liokaiser (Dezarus, Drillhorn, Fellbat, Guyhawk, Ironbison, Ion Scythe)

0generations-logoTransformers: Generations: Combiner Wars: Platinum Edition Liokaiser (Dezarus, Drillhorn, Fellbat, Guyhawk, Ironbison, Ion Scythe)


This set is kind of an enormous cluster fuck.  When I first saw photos of this set, I assumed that the Sky Lynx repaint was Leozack, one of the original members of the Japanese Breastforce that formed Liokaiser.  (They were called Breastforce because the robots breastplates turned into guns and animals.)  Instead, they have substituted Deathsaurus, now renamed Dezarus.  Deathsaurus was also a Breastforce toy, but was not part of the combiner set.  In addition to Leozack they left out Jaruga.  They also screwed around with all but one of the other names.  Gaihawk is now Guyhawk, Killbison is now Ironbison, and Hellbat is now Fellbat.  Guyhawk is only a spelling change.  While I hate that they changed Killbison, Ironbison is a pretty great name.  Fellbat was clearly he brainchild of someone with no brain.  That we got this frakensteined mishmash instead of G2 Defensor is a travesty.  Fuck you Hasbro.  For some reason, they also made this one  Platinum Edition toy.  There is no logical reason for that.


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tfgencwlk-02 tfgencwlk-03 tfgencwlk-04 tfgencwlk-06

I love the paint job, but the original toy’s flaws remain.  They have remolded the top of the vehicle nose to make it look more dragon-like as Deathsaurus’s alternate mode was a dragon.

Drillhorn and Ironbison

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tfgencwlk-07 tfgencwlk-08 tfgencwlk-09 tfgencwlk-10 tfgencwlk-11 tfgencwlk-12 tfgencwlk-13 tfgencwlk-14 tfgencwlk-15 tfgencwlk-16 tfgencwlk-17 tfgencwlk-18

Both Drillhorn and Ironbison have new heads.  They even gave Drillhorn a flip out horn on his forehead and Ironbison flip out horns on each side of his head.  Both head sculpts look pretty great.  They did a pretty good job painting Drillhorn, but they only painted the front portion of his drill which looks pretty odd.  Even more odd, the original design for this toy as Nosecone had the drill on the back of the tank.  While it looked really stupid, I’m not sure why they reversed it.  The drill is on the front of the tank in the instructions and on the box.  Could they have recognized it was stupid and fixed it?  That doesn’t seem like Hasbro.  Ironbison looks awesome.  I love the silver paint.  It’s too bad they didn’t paint his turret.  Each of these come with an added accessory, a black repaint of the same gun that comes with both jets.


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tfgencwlk-19 tfgencwlk-20 tfgencwlk-21 tfgencwlk-22 tfgencwlk-23

Fellbat has a new head sculpt that includes flip out bat ears.  It looks really cool.  Robot mode looks kind of plain with so much gray on him, but his jet mode more than makes up for it.  He has a great paint job.  I love that they painted the missiles.  Probably my favorite toy from the set.


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tfgencwlk-24 tfgencwlk-25 tfgencwlk-26 tfgencwlk-27 tfgencwlk-28

I like Guyhawk’s new head sculpt.  It does not have flip out parts like the others.  He’s got great paint details in robot mode, and the silver paint and art on his wings looks great in vehicle mode.

Ion Scythe

tfgencwlk-29 tfgencwlk-30

Ion Scythe was originally Arms Micron Voyager Starscream’s partner.  This version looks to be a darker shade of blue with the same sticker pattern and colors tampoed on.  They also tampoed a Decepticon symbol on top of the crystal.



Liokaiser is not bad looking.  He has a new head sculpt that uses the lynx head on top and a new robot face underneath.  They did a nice job on that.  It looks more than enough like the original toy’s head, and the wings on his chest are also reminiscent of G1 Liokaiser.

Overall: It’s a nice toy, but not a character most people care about.  I have to recommend it for the new molding if nothing else.  Unfortunately it’s probably the last Combiner Wars box set.  Alas, Hasbro, you screwed the pooch again.  No G2 Defensor, and they ended the line before Predaking, Abominus, and Piranacon.  That is unforgivable Hasbro.

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