Blog #1044: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Ramjet


Transformers Masterpiece Ramjet


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before (again), but we have yet another release of the Masterpiece seeker mold.  By my count this is the fifteenth Masterpiece Seeker release (I have Fourteen, still need to pick up the Japanese Sunstorm).  Don’t believe there have been that many?  Here is a list:  Starscream (MP-3), Skywarp (MP-6), Thundercracker (MP-7), Ghost Starscream (MP-3G), Starscream (MP-11), Sunstorm (MP-11S), Skywarp (MP-11SW), Starscream (USA-Classics), Skywarp (USA-Universe), Thundercracker (USA-Transformers 2010), Acid Storm (USA-MP-1), Sunstorm (USA-MP-5), Starscream (USA-MP-7), Thundercracker (MP-11T), and Ramjet (MP-11NR).  Ramjet, being limited to 2000 pieces, is pretty expensive, but it is nice to finally get one of the cone head jets.  As much as I wish they would retire this mold, I really do hope we get Dirge and Thrust.  I also still want the MP-1 mold as Starscream’s Ghost.

Anyway, I’m not going to bother go over the base mold as I have done so before.  For more info please see my previous reviews of Masterpiece Starscream (Japanese), Masterpiece Thundercracker (USA), Masterpiece Acid Storm (USA), Masterpiece Sunstorm (USA), Masterpiece Skywarp (Asia), Masterpiece Starscream (USA), and Masterpiece Thundercracker (Asia).

tfmprj-2 tfmprj-3 tfmprj-4 tfmprj-5
They did a really great job remolding the MP-11 mold into Ramjet.  The wing remolding is both awesome and obvious, but the other remolding is far more subtle.  In order to give him the cone head look, they remolded (or possibly just made from scratch) the nose and cockpit section.  If you look at the comparison picture with Starscream, you can see that the cockpit has actually been turned upside down.  In vehicle mode, the head is located just in front of the cockpit, and the entire section turns 180 degrees during transformation, which puts the cockpit upside down on his chest as compared to the previous fourteen versions of this mold.  I was wondering how they would going to give him the cone head.  His large missiles are hollow and come apart into two pieces.  His guns are connected by ball and socket joints so the missiles go over the cannons and plug in under the wings hiding the guns inside.  The only unfortunate part of that is that you can’t mount the guns under the wings and have them pointed forward.  They port is just not in the right place, so you really do need to put the missiles on for it to look right.

Overall: At $180, he is expensive, but Ramjet is an absolute must.  I really hope the limited nature of this toy was because they weren’t sure how popular he would be.  Hopefully he has sold well enough to get more widespread and more reasonably priced releases on Thrust and Dirge.  Also, as a side note, I can’t seem to find out if a coin exists to go with this toy or not.

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