Blog #699: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Sunstorm

Transformers Masterpiece Sunstorm

I’m not going to bother go over the mold as I have done so before.  For more info please see my previous reviews of Masterpiece Starscream (Japanese), Masterpiece Thundercracker, and Masterpiece Acid Storm.  I’m only going to talk about his colors.

tfptrusunstorm2 tfptrusunstorm3 tfptrusunstorm4

These colors are deplorable.  He’s a mustard yellow as opposed to the tangerine color Sunstorm is supposed to be.  Looks dreadful.  His brown head should be black.  They got his white hands correct, but did not do the sides of his chest and vents in white, instead leaving them yellow like most of the rest of him.  It looks like someone decided that they wanted to do Sunstorm without doing the same toy that had been released in Japan.  As the Japanese release was the only appropriate way to do Sunstorm, they shouldn’t have done it at all.  They should have done Skywarp, the only jet not available in this mold previously.  If you aren’t aware, they did a complete retool on the original Masterpiece Starscream mold a few years ago creating the current MP jet mold.  This one is much more G1 than the original.  They released that retool as Starscream in Japan, and as Thundercracker in the USA, but no Skywarp.  That one people would have wanted, I’m sure.  Unfortunately, the mold seems to be showing it’s overuse.  On mine I had to force his shoulders apart to lower his cockpit into his chest.  I never had that problem on any previous releases.  Could be I just have a bad one.

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