Blog #1045: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Shockwave (Laserwave)


Transformers Masterpiece Shockwave



tfmpsw-2 tfmpsw-3



I really like the mini Shockwave gun.  He comes with fists and hands in translucent and opaque plastic, as well as a translucent gun hand.


tfmpsw-5 tfmpsw-6

Vehicle Mode: I’ve included comparison photos with Quakewave, the best third party Transformer in existence.  Shockwave in some ways compares favorably to Quakewave, and in other ways, unfavorably.  I really like Quakewave’s darker purple color, but I don’t hate Shockwave’s lighter color.  Quakewave’s silver looks much better than Shockwave’s gray.  The rear part of Quakewave’s gun mode is very square and blocky, while Shockwave looks more streamlined.  Shockwave also has a longer barrel that looks much more like the G1.  Shockwave comes with a stand that integrates into his robot mode, while Quakewave does not.  Quakewave uses a plain black hose to connect to his gun arm.  Shockwave’s cord is much more interesting.  It is metal coiled around a core (rubber core I’m guessing).  It’s hard to describe, kind of like a spring that isn’t springy.  It is really cool.

Robot Mode: In robot mode, Quakewave seems to have more molded details, but I like the Shockwave head sculpt better.  Quakewave has really fat lower legs.  Shockwave’s legs are slimmer and more reminiscent of the G1.  I have heard Shockwave described as “hollow”.  I guess that’s true, but the hollowness of a toy has never bothered me if it looks good and has an interesting transformation, which both toys do.  Shockwave’s transformation is complex, without being ridiculously hard like some of the Masterpiece toys.

Overall:  The simple question is, which is better, Shockwave or Quakewave?  It comes down to which aspects of the toy are more important to you.  To me, Shockwave has one undeniable advantage.  It’s official product.  It just happens that Quakewave is the best third party toy ever made.  If it wasn’t as good, Shockwave would be the hands down better toy.  As it is, it comes down to your personal preference.  Both have good points and bad.  For me it’s easy.  I have both, so I don’t need to decide. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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