Blog #483: Toy Review: Transformers Linkin Park Edition G1 Soundwave with Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, and Ratbat


Transformers Linkin Park Edition G1 Soundwave with Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, and Ratbat

Before I actually received this toy, if you had told me that this toy would have been as much of a steaming pile of dung as it is, I would have told you that it was not possible for Hasbro to screw up such a simple idea as a gold repainted Soundwave.  Apparently I gave them too much credit.  They royally screwed the pooch.



Paint Apps:  There are almost no paint apps at all on any of the toys.  The only apps are the triangle on Soundwave’s forehead, and his face, which are painted black.  Yes, that’s right, Soundwave has blackface.  No one including Soundwave has painted eyes.  They painted the strips around his tape door orange, when gold would have actually made sense to match the gold color scheme of the set.  The lack of paint apps make them look like prototypes.  For some bizarre reason Soundwave’s feet are black.  They are die cast, but the cassettes have die cast too and they are gold.  If they wanted to do no paint apps, then they should have gold chromed them head to toe.  Then the lack of paint apps would have been acceptable.  (Blackface, really Hasbro?)

Stickers:  There aren’t any.  Talk about shoddy crap.  They should have taken the standard stickers and recolored them in gold or even silver.  They are left looking like prototypes, and not in a good way.  This makes the cassettes look like gold bricks rather than cassettes, since the paint apps and stickers on them are the only reason the look like cassettes to begin with.

Molds:  I do not for the life of me understand why they didn’t use the Frenzy/Rumble mold rather than including both Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, who are identical.  It’s stupid.  Now, it is possible that when they created the new Frenzy/Rumble mold for Encore that it was made with a cheap mold and not intended to be reused, but why in god’s name would you go to the trouble of creating one of the more popular G1 molds so you could only use it once?  They used the Laserbeak/Buzzsaw cannons with the short stubby guns and Soundwave uses the Soundblaster buttons and single cassette door (the same, I believe, as the TRU Classics G1 Soundwave).

Note to Hasbro:  If you’re going to do a special edition item and charge way more than it would be worth if it were a good toy, at least make it a good toy, and not a cheap joke.  I really wish someone would do a knockoff gold set that was actually good just to make Hasbro look bad (not that they need help from anyone, they are doing a fine job on their own).  Clearly, Hasbro should make “What I’ve Done” their theme song.  (See what I did there?)

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