Blog #396: Toy Reviews: Transformers Generations Voyager Springer


Transformers Generations Voyager Springer


Car Mode:  Though Springer’s G1 car mode certainly looks a lot different than this one, I really like it.  He’s perfectly colored and they even put the peg on his gun on a hinge since the roof slants forward you can tip it up slightly so it doesn’t look like he’s shooting into the ground.  There are a few issue with getting everything to snap into place.  The windshield and side windows and sides of the car are made up of a lot of parts that have to snap in place just so.  Part of the problem is that the vehicle side panels clip in under the rear fenders, but they don’t lock in place so they pop out very easily.  It’s not terrible, but parts can very easily move out of place.  Also, the split spoilers don’t lock in place.  It’s very easy to knock them out of alignment.


Helicopter Mode: Springer’s helicopter mode is completely awesome.  I love it.  Like on the car mode, I do wish the tail fins would lock in place, but that’s really the only thing I can complain about.


Robot Mode: Springer has a really great head sculpt.  I’m not crazy about his feet though.  I hate that they are molded so he has to stand with his feet apart.  Otherwise he looks pretty great.  FYI, I have the fins on the back of his legs turned the wrong direction.  I need to stop taking pictures of toys when I’m half asleep.

Overall: Springer’s not perfect, but pretty darn close.  Most of my small issues with him are very small.  He’s a must for G1 fans.

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