Blog #414: Toy Reviews: Transformers Generations Voyager Sandstorm

Transformers Generations Voyager Sandstorm


Sandstorm is a highly remolded repaint of Transformers Generations Voyager Springer.  He’s so remolded that he’s almost not recognizable.


Dune Buggy Mode: As much as I like Springer’s car mode, Sandstorm’s is superior by far.  I really love his color scheme.  G1 Sandstorm was a dune buggy, and while they claim this to be one as well, it really doesn’t look anything like any dune buggy I’ve ever seen.  However, I still really like it.  I thought the large rear wheels would look odd, but they really don’t.  Very nicely done.


VTOL Aircraft Mode: I have mixed feelings on this one.  In some ways, it would have made a lot more sense to leave him as a helicopter, as G1 Sandstorm was a helicopter albeit a very different one from Springer.  Still, the VTOL mode is really great looking and unique.


Robot Mode: Sandstorm looks amazing, really great head to toe.  My only complaint is his feet are angled so he cannot stand with feet together, but this seem to be Hasbro’s preferred way of doing things.  His gun is a missile launcher, and a unique one a that.  Instead of launching with a push button you slide the black piece back and it launches the missile.  (Note: He is not quite transformed properly in the picture.  The orange piece on his back is supposed to be flipped up so you can see it sticking up in robot mode.)

Overall: Sandstorm is a must for G1 fans.  The more great toys like this Hasbro does, the more I’m looking forward to the Thrilling Thirty line next year.

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