Blog #415: Toy Reviews: Transformers Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus


Transformers Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus




Ultra Magus is a repaint and remold of Transformers Prime Weaponizer Optimus Prime. I’m not really sure why they decided to do a Transformers Prime toy as a Platinum Edition. Originally I thought he was supposed to come out as a retail toy without the hammer, but that is not the case. (Unless they changed it, which is possible.)


Vehicle Mode: Ultra Magnus looks great, he’s got a wonderful paint job. I just don’t like the look of the cab with that wide back on it. They would have been much better off having the arms become sides of the rear part of the truck. I didn’t get a picture of the guns deployed, but you can see it my review of the original version. It still has the same problem, you have to unclip and fold down the grill in order to deploy it.




Robot Mode: Ultra Magnus looks great in robot mode, a really well painted toy with a really nice head sculpt. The Forge of Solus Prime looks amazing. Unfortunately, there is a problem. Ultra Magnus’s wrists rotate and the weight of the hammer is too much for it. If you put the hammer in his hand, and don’t get it balanced perfectly, it will start to slowly turn to one side, until it reaches the tipping point, and just turns his wrist over. With the weight of the forge, they needed to put a ratcheting mechanism in his wrists. This should not have been too difficult to do. You can of course have him hold it in both hands, but that doesn’t fix the underlying problem.

Overall: It’s hard to argue against buying this toy, if for no other reason than to get the Forge of Solus Prime. It is nice looking, but they took a toy with design problems and gave it more with wrists not having enough tension to hold up the hammer.

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