Blog #285: Toy Review: Asia Exclusive Transformers Generations Leader Starscream

At San Diego Comic Con it was revealed that the series of Asia only exclusive Generations toys (at least the Legends, Scouts, Deluxes, Voyagers) would be coming to Toys R Us this past fall.  I previously reviewed the Legends (Bluestreak, Hoist, Motorbreath, and Thundercracker), Deluxes (Cliffjumper, Springer, Swerve, and Wheelie), Scouts (Brawl, Dead End, Laserbeak, and Sandstorm), and Voyagers (Hot Spot, Megatron, and Powerdive).  It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally managed to get my hands on the two Leader class toys that will remain exclusive to Asia, Ironhide and Starscream.


Transformers Generations Leader Starscream

Mold Used: Starscream is repainted from Transformer 2010 Leader Starscream with no mold changes.


Vehicle Mode: Leader Starscream was part of the infamous (for many of the toys never reaching most stores’ shelves) Transformers 2010 line.  It was a hold over originally intended for release as part of the Revenge of the Fallen line.  I have the original version, but to be honest, I hardly remember even opening it.  So much of the Summer 2010 through Spring 2011 line was delayed and hard to find that it was hard to enjoy any of it.  I had completely forgotten what a great mold this is, and it looks a million times better in G1 colors.


Robot Mode: It’s a far improvement over the Voyager Starscreams from the first movie and Revenge of the Fallen.  It is a wonderful G1 homage paint job, though I really wish he were given a G1 Starscream head.

Overall: It’s a shame that this isn’t coming over here as a TRU exclusive.  Leader class toys were apparently not selling well (Decepticon Leader class toys especially) and were cut back on after Revenge of the Fallen but as this is a G1 homage of a major character, I think it would have sold well.  Is it worth the import price?  It’s Starscream in G1 colors so I would have to say yes.

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