Blog #286: Toy Reviews: Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Voyager Soundwave with Laserbeak and Soundblaster with Buzzsaw

Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Voyager Soundwave with Laserbeak and Soundblaster with Buzzsaw

Normally I would review these in separate posts, but as they are the identical mold it made sense to double up.

Laserbeak & Buzzsaw



Laserbeak and Buzzsaw share the same mold.  All of the “discs” have an auto transform feature, so that when the button on the bottom is pushed, all or part of them transform.  This works pretty well for the bird mold.  They look decent in bird mode for what they are.  Unlike the two pack discs, they do not come with a plastic case to hold them.  I must admit that they do look better in the case, more like CD’s and less like wheels.  Since they won’t do tapes (which is understandable) this isn’t a bad option, and they have done it about as well as can be expected.

Soundwave & Soundblaster



Vehicle Mode: Soundwave and Soundblaster share the same mold.  Their vehicle mode is an armored vehicle based on the same general design as the Generations Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Soundwave.  It’s a really cool looking vehicle.  Unfortunately, it really needed some more paint apps.  The top front of the vehicles especially needed some color.   It just looks too plain.  The disks can be put in his chest in vehicle mode.  The only unfortunate thing is that they can only be removed by partially untransforming the top of the vehicle to push them out from inside.



Robot Mode: In robot mode, both of these buys look amazing.  The head sculpts are perfect.  The one problem I have is that he has no gun (other than the shoulder mounted one).  If you look on the back of the box and the instructions, it clearly shows him coming with another accessory, a laser rifle that looks oddly like G1 Optimus Prime’s laser rifle.  This accessory is not included with the toy.  That really stinks, and for me takes a lot away from this toy.  (And what really pisses me off most is that I’m betting the Japanese version of these toys will come with the rifle, but that is not yet certain, it’s just my opinion.)

Thanks for reading!

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