Blog #267: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime (USA Version)

Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime (USA Version)

This is going to be a fairly short review focusing on the differences between the USA and Japanese version of this toy (MP-10 in Japan).  You can read my full review of MP-10 here.

As you can see in the pictures above, most of the differences are obvious.  The TRU Exclusive USA version of MP-10 is lighter red, lighter blue, and lighter gray.  The translucent yellow plastic on his waist is more yellow (less green) than the Japanese version.  The windows are more bluish on the USA version while the Japanese version is purplish.  The USA version has light blue eyes, while the Japanese version is dark blue/black.

Additionally, the lights on the top of the cab are painted on the USA version.  This was one of my complaints on the Japanese version.

There is an odd paint change on the vehicle fenders.  On the Japanese version the edges of the fenders are painted silver, and the little triangle in front of the fenders is painted silver.  (The inside of the piece is silver as it is the side of his torso in robot mode.)  On the USA version, they didn’t paint the silver edges on the fenders.  They left them red.  They also left the triangle silver.

If they wanted to not paint the fenders, that’s fine.  I think it looks nicer with the silver painted edges, but that’s not a huge deal.  Leaving the triangle silver on the USA one was just sloppy.  It doesn’t look right.  It should be red there.

One thing I didn’t get a picture of, if you look inside the holder for his gun on his back, it’s red plastic on the USA version, but black painted red on the Japanese.  You can see the same thing on a small area on the back of his waist.  A little odd, and it’s hard to tell how extensive the change in plastic color is.

The change on Roller is obvious.  Instead of the silver Roller that came with the Japanese version he is the same blue that matches the rest of the blue plastic.

Inside the trailer there are a few differences.  The blue matches the blue on the cab for bother versions.  The Japanese version is silver painted on the inside sides.  Also, the two consoles have silver paint inside them.

There are no changes I can detect on Spike, the gun, or the axe.  The outside of both versions of the trailers is identical.

Overall, I’d say the Japanese version has better details; the fenders and the silver paint inside the trailer.  But I must say I prefer the overall colors on the USA one, the lighter red, blue, and gray looks awesome.  Can’t really say one is better than the other, it’s really a matter of preference.

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