Blog #266: Toy Review: Japanese Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe

Japanese Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe

The Good:  While he doesn’t transform exactly like the original, Sideswipe is a perfect cross between the G1 animation and the G1 toy.  Just look at the pictures.  Obviously the G1 guns couldn’t be mounted on the roof, but I really like that change.  He’s got a really nice transformation, detailed without being super complicated like some Masterpiece toys are.  He includes pile driver hand attachments, which are very cool.

The Bad:  He’s about half the size I wanted him to be.  I know, they are doing the new Masterpieces to scale, but he’s just too small, about the size of TF: Prime Voyager toy.  I’d rather a bigger toy than the scale accuracy.  He’s WAY overpriced for the size.  This toy is barely 50% larger than the G1, and it was $84.  I pay about $50 for the Arms Micron Voyagers that are this size.  All the cost is in the name “Masterpiece.”  It’s a complete rip off.  (I’m not blaming the online sellers.  I’m blaming Takara.)  Also, there is very little (if any) die cast metal in him.  The worst part of all is that he has plastic tires.  Even the G1 toys had rubber tires.  This is just really cheap.  You’re overpaying for the “Masterpiece” name and they don’t even give it as much detail as the G1 had.  How they can do such a good job on the toy and then completely blow it on something as simple as the rubber tires?  Also, there is an exclusive version of Masterpiece Sideswipe available only via Amazon Japan that comes with jackhammer accessories.  So, after the overpricing and lack of rubber tires, it doesn’t even come with all the accessories.  I don’t even know if anyone is going to carry it online since Amazon Japan won’t ship it out of Japan (I believe, I think that’s what it said, the English translation wasn’t completely clear).  So, that really sucks royally.

Overall:  In short, it’s a great looking toy if you can swallow the exorbitant price, small size, lack of obviously needed details, and missing accessories.

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7 Responses to Blog #266: Toy Review: Japanese Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe

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  7. Michael says:

    Hey, thanks for the honest review, especially since most of the so-called ‘guru’ YouTube reviews don’t mention many criticisms, especially something so glaring as the plastic tires. I am a HUGE Transformers G1 fan and have been extremely happy and excited with the entire Masterpiece line since its inception. When I heard the next one was going to be Sidewsipe I was almost in tears – the character was cool and the car was hot all at the same time. But with the quality being down and the plastic tires, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. With every Masterpiece that has come out I have leapt at the opportunity to snap one up, but not this time. Good news though: Reprolabels have released a sticker set for this toy that gives it much needed detail. Now, if only a third party manufacturer can come up with a rubber tire conversion, and maybe some die cast parts, I’ll be in heaven! Thanks again man!

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