Blog #549: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Generation 2 Sideswipe

Transformers Masterpiece Generation 2 Sideswipe

tfmpssg2-1You can read my previous reviews of Masterpiece Sideswipe, Masterpiece Red Alert, and Masterpiece Tigertrack for more details on this mold.  I will focus on the color and mold changes.

New Accessories

tfmpssg2-2G2 Sideswipe gets some new accessories.  He has two new guns as scene in the Marvel Transformers Generation 2 comic book.  I don’t recall him having a sword, but it’s certainly possible that he did.  They also gave him the spiked wheels on his shoulder that he had in the comic.  The guns look great, and I like the sword.  I like the idea of giving them him the spiked wheels, but they are larger than his real wheels.  I would have preferred them to be a little smaller so it looked like his actual wheels.  His combined weapon (see further down) includes the sword and spiked wheels.  It’s not bad, but I’m really not sure he needed the sword as it makes the combined weapon look a bit odd with it sticking out the way it does.

Sticker Sheet


Tigertrack, as you may recall, came with a sticker sheet with two sizes of his hood logo sticker on it.  That was one sticker to apply, annoying, but not the end of the world, and slightly understandable as Tigertrack was originally a Diaclone toy who would not have had the sticker.  It makes no sense for Sideswipe not to have it.  Additionally, all of Sideswipe’s G2 details are stickers.  This is unforgivable for a Masterpiece toy.

No Stickers



Included for reference are pics of Sideswipe without his stickers.





tfmpssg2-8His having stickers aside, Sideswipe looks pretty awesome.  The weapons and spiked shoulders wheels all look great, and I love the black paint job.  My only complaint is his stupid frozen scream facial expression.  This comes right from the Marvel Transformers Generation 2 comic book, but just looks silly on the toy.  I really wish they had painted on his details, that would make this a much better toy.

Trading Card


As I scan them anyway, I thought I may as well start including the trading cards.

Thanks for reading!

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