Blog #403: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Tigertrack

Transformers Masterpiece Tigertrack


Masterpiece Tigertrack is the third use of this base mold, and a fourth use, Generation 2 Sideswipe with new weapons and tires, was recently announced.  More exciting is the announcement of Masterpiece Wheeljack and Bumblebee to follow Prowl, Bluestreak, and Smokescreen.  Presumably we will see a Marlboro Wheeljack with a new head (though most likely without the Marlboro logo, unfortunately).  There are plenty of possibilities for Bumblebee to be repainted and remolded.  Cliffjumper and Hubcap are the obvious ones, but there are loads more, G2 metallic Bumblebee, G2 metallic Hubcap, red Bumblebee, yellow Cliffjumper, or perhaps even a Bumblejumper.  I would love for them to do a Masterpiece Bumblejumper.  I just hope the Bumblebee is less expensive than Sideswipe.  They would be about half the size, and $80 is way too much for Sideswipe already.

For now though, we have Tigertrack.  *Yawn*  It’s very hard to be excited for this toy.

You might want to read my blogs about Masterpiece Sideswipe and Masterpiece Red Alert first.


Tigertrack is based on Diaclone Tigertrack, the same mold later used for Sideswipe.  Previously, a G1 mold Tigertrack was released as a Transformer.  Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture above, they didn’t tampo on the Autobot symbol.  I can only assume this is to make him better match the Diaclone Tigertrack, but as this is a Transformer, they should have put the symbol on with ink and included a yellow sticker to cover it if people wanted it to be a more to Tigertrack.


This is the sticker included.  Not sure why they included two sizes, but having stickers on a Masterpiece toy makes no sense anyway, so it doesn’t much matter.


Aside from the cheapness of having a sticker, it’s a really great looking toy.



I like the look of his weapons mounted on the roof,  The black launcher looks much nicer than Sideswipe’s white launcher.  As you can see from the photo, the mold for all three are identical in vehicle mode.



In robot mode you can see that Tigertrack has Sideswipe’s head and shoulders and Red Alert’s face.  A really nice looking toy.


You may recall that Sideswipe had a second set of jackhammer attachments that were chromed and only available via  They included those in black with Tigertrack.

My biggest complaints about Sideswipe and Red Alert remain unchanged.  He was way overpriced (though in fairness, Tigertrack was a show exclusive and cost only $10 more than the other two, but the base price is still way too high).  He still has those plastic tires that drive me nuts.  The G2 Sideswipe is supposed to have new tires, to match the spiked ones (I believe) from the comic book.  I am hoping for rubber tires, but I won’t hold my breath.

Thanks for reading!


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