Blog #404: Transformers Artifact of the Week: Transformers Gari-Gari Kun Popsicles

Transformers Gari-Gari Kun Popsicles


Gari-Gari Kun is a popular brand of Japanese popsicles.  They did a Transformers promotion recently, making transforming popsicles.  Yes, really.  I swear, I didn’t make this up, I don’t have that stupid a sense of humor.

As you’ll note in the picture above, the toys are in Ziploc type bags, but I think they are actually sold with those bags inside boxes.  As there were no instructions, I can only assume they were either inside or on the box.  Most of them on ebay are in boxes, but I was lucky to get these cheap without boxes.


As you can see the alternate mode is a popsicle.  They come in blue (not sure what flavor it would be), brown (cola), and purple (grape).  I don’t have a purple one yet, but one is on the way to me.  I assume it is just a repaint.  If you’re really interested to see it, I will add photos of it to this blog when it comes in.  I don’t think it’s worth another blog post for it, so stay tuned.


They transform into this guy, who I assume is the Gari mascot.  He has an Optimus Prime helmet, and the blue version is in Optimus Prime colored clothes.  He has a shield and a popsicle stick sword.

I only bought these because I got them cheap.  I paid about $3 for one of them, shipping included from China, and $13.50 for the other, also with free shipping from China.  If they had been much more than that I wouldn’t have bothered.  The grape one is, according to what I’ve seen on ebay, a special edition version.  It was a bit more expensive.  I paid $21 shipped for it.  I would be careful if you’re looking for these, I’ve seen people trying to get as much as $30 to $40 each for these stupid things.  Keep an eye out for low starting bids and you’ll get them heap.

Update (7/12/13):

I finally got the purple version.


It came in a box rather than a bag and came with instructions.  I’ve seen the brown and blue ones in boxes.  The toys appear identical, so I’m not sure what the difference is.  Might just be different types of displays or something.

Anyway, here are pics in both modes.



Thanks for reading!


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