Blog #1764: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Anime Streak (MP-18+)

Transformers Masterpiece Anime Streak (MP-18+)

Bonus Pin

Instead of coins, Masterpiece toys will apparently be coming with pins. They tried to go away from the coins before with the die cast statues, which were pretty cool, but they then changed back to coins. We’ll see how long this lasts.


I am not a fan of these firing affects. They look silly. He also has two additional faces.

Anime Streak

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I have been pretty indifferent to these plus versions of Masterpiece toys. With the exception of Shockwave, whose plus was actually the toy version, and a huge improvement, they have felt very unnecessary. But Anime Streak looks great, and very different than the original. I love the blue tinted windows, and more gray instead of all the black looks great. In robot mode he looks even better. I kind of wish they wouldn’t keep repainting these, but once in a while, they do make it worth it.

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