Blog #1763: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Siege Titan Class Omega Supreme with Micromaster Countdown

Transformers: Generations: Siege Titan Class Omega Supreme with Micromaster Countdown

Let me just start out by saying that Omega Supreme is an ABSOLUTE BEAST! Now, he is not perfect, but nothing that is wrong with or could be better with him takes away from the AWESOME GRANDEUR that is Omega Supreme. (Yes, the caps seem necessary.)

But before we get to the STUNNING MAGNIFICENCE (I’m going to run out of adjectives) that is Omega Supreme, I kind of wanted to take a stroll down the memory lane of dumpster fires that have been the Generations Titan Class toys.


Reviews: Generations Metroplex, SDCC Metroplex with Decoys, and Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong Metroplex with Decoys

It began with Metroplex. As with most of the Titan Class toys, Metroplex looked great in robot mode, but woefully inadequate hip joints make him hard to even pick up, and two alt modes more annoying than a burning bag of dog shit made him really hard to like. Then there was the fact that there was both a retail and SDCC version. Both had different (and lousy) stickers and only the SDCC version had chrome. The SDCC one did have some cool decoys, but then they had to do a second version with different colored decoys for a convention in Hong Kong. That just pissed me off. The great robot mode can’t save him from being a pretty lousy toy.


Reviews: Generations Retail Devastator, SDCC Devastator, and Unite Warriors Devastator

I had to buy three of these damn things. Devastator is awesome in combined mode (if you ignore that awful Mixmaster mini-foot, but the retail and SDCC versions lacked individual weapons, and some of the individual toys weren’t great like Long Haul’s arms. Even the Unite Warriors version that had weapons, didn’t bother to even try to make them like the G1s. While Devastator was great, he did have the problem that he was impossibly hard to put together. I don’t think I ever got Hook completely plugged in to Long Haul on any of the three versions. It was as if the pegs were just a hair bigger than they should have been. Hard to really love a toy that makes you so angry when putting it together that you want to throw it out the window. As with the aforementioned Metroplex, a great looking robot mode, with lots of other bad stuff, doesn’t add up to being a great toy.

Fortress Maximus

Reviews: Generations Fortress Maximus

Hasbro mercifully realized that releasing a second version of the Titans as SDCC exclusives was a dumb idea, and stopped doing it, meaning I only had to get one Fortress Maximus. Fortress Maximus, while heavily remolded from Metroplex, was a huge improvement. He had better hip joints, and his alternate modes are better then Metroplex. But Hasbro had to go and do it on the cheap. They didn’t bother remold his legs so that he could properly form his city mode, and they did not remold his side ramps to actually be ramps. He retained having terrible stickers though. Fortress Maximus was definitely better than Metroplex, but Hasbro’s failure to finish the necessary remolds really made him a let down.


Reviews: Generations Trypticon

I had a lot of issues with Trypticon. I know I’m way in the minority on that. Suffice it to say he was too freaking big, and a bit over engineered. I do not consider him a great toy, though again, I know I’m in the minority.


Reviews: Generations Predaking

Much like Devastator, Predaking is great when combined, but most of his component parts were just bad. He mostly suffered from the decision to make Razorclaw the same size as his limbs. That worked on the G1, but not here.  He also had sooooooo many stickers.

In my opinion, of the five, Predaking and Devastator were the best. As to the others, I suppose I would put Trypticon next, but that’s more because of how everyone else seems to feel about him. With all these toys, except maybe with Trypticon, who I just don’t like, Hasbro has made it very clear, that they were going to stop short of doing these toys right. You can’t just give us toys that look great in robot mode, but have awful alternate modes or components, and are missing parts, mold changes, paint apps, or have tons of awful stickers and just expect people to like them. This is probably why most of these have eventually ended up on deep discount.

And now we have Omega Supreme. I will be surprised if he ends up in he bargain bin like the others, because he is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Now, on to the review.


Since Hasbro clearly has no plans to give us Micromaster Bases or Transports they decided to include Countdown with Omega Supreme. (I started writing this before news from NYCC reveled the next round of Weaponizers will in fact be Micromaster bases. Credit where it’s due, Ironworks at least look very creative, if incomplete without his windmill. Hopefully they won’t suck. Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll get them all.) Since he is a rocket base, that it at least makes sense hat they included Countdown. He looks great in vehicle mode, though his arms don’t really lock in place on his sides. He also looks great in robot mode, though he could have used a couple of paint apps. He’s just kind of plain. Unfortunately, he has a third mode, if you can call it that.

So, at first when I saw that he had a flip out handle in his chest, I assumed he turned into a gun, since Hasbro is incapable of making a Micromaster that does not also turn into a gun (after turning Targetmasters in Headmasters for absolutely not reason, it should not be surprising). However, that does not seem to be the case. Countdown sort of mistransforms into a thing that clips onto Omega Supreme’s shoulder. It clearly was not something they though about when designing him (or if they did, someone should be fired). His legs tip up, though they don’t lock in place, and since he has ball joints in his hips, they are hard to get lined up. There isn’t even a tab to hold his legs together. Then you tip his arms down, and again, with the ball joints in his shoulders, they don’t line up, and don’t snap in place. I really don’t understand the thinking here (assuming there was any). They would have been better off putting flip out gun barrels either on his lower legs or thighs and just making him a gun.

Omega Supreme

Rocket Base: Omega Supreme looks INCREDIBLE! There are two doors on one side of the top of the missile that open up so you can put in a Micromaster. Also, the yellow panels on his legs (not likely to lose those “clips” 🙂 open up to put in a Micromaster also. The only issue with Omega Supreme’s rocket base mode is that the track for the tanks is very shallow. If you push him around the track, he tends to jump off it. It’s also too wide. Neither of those issues really hurt the MAJESTIC SPLENDOR of Omega Supreme in Rocket Base mode.

Tank: Omega Supreme’s tank mode looks great. Not perfect. First off, he’s hollow enough inside, that they certainly could have included a motor. Even without a motor, some rubber tires on his wheels would have helped him stay on the track better. I really wish they had included the motor, but that’s not the end of the world. I am slightly irked by the way a second tank cannon covers his face. Partly because it means you can’t turn the cannon, partly because it doesn’t really clip onto his face, which I would have liked. Still, all that aside, he looks great. The front of the tank can open up to put Countdown inside. I am not a big fan of the firing effects, but hey kind of look great on the tank.

Robot Mode: BEHOLD THE GLORY OF OMEGA SUPREME! I love his face sculpt, and he does have the gun on the back of his head, even though it’s not his real tank turret. He has tons of molded detail. Paint details are minimal, but he has enough, and thankfully no stickers! Again, as with his tank mode, I like the way his firing effects work. They can be used in a whole bunch of configurations, but these were my favorite. The only thing I would have liked is for his wings to be full half circles rather than just quarters, but that’s a small thing.

Overall: So, could they have given us some more bells and whistles? Sure. They could have motorized the tank, and/or made it sit on the track better (or deepened the track). They could have given him lights and sounds. They could have improved Countdown’s third mode. All that aside, this is one of the greatest toys Hasbro has EVER made, and truly worthy of the name Omega Supreme. He is the alpha and the…well, you get the idea. 🙂 This is the Titan Class toy Hasbro should have repainted for SDCC. I’m totally down for a Guardian Robot version of this mold. Maybe if another Hascon ever happens they can do it for then. It would be a crime if they never repainted him. In fact, here’s an idea that will absolutely never happen, but could be the greatest convention exclusive ever. Modify Omega Supreme with some of the things he didn’t have, lights and sound, motorization, rubber tires, a deeper track. They could even add some extensions pieces to make the track longer. Then you modify his nemesis, Devastator! You fix some of his issues, use some of the Takara modifications and improve his paint job and accessories. Then release them in a 2-pack. I’d be all in for that set. Pity it will never happen.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. lmb3 says:

    Right! It felt like I was missing one. Maybe I was just trying to forget it. 🙂 Thanks.


  2. drmick says:

    There was an SDCC exclusive (strictly a convention exclusive for several conventions) of Fort Max that had the sword, a different Titan Master faceplate, and I think maybe some paint deco differences.

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