Blog #1105: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Titan Fortress Maximus & Cerebros and Emissary

Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Titan Fortress Maximus & Cerebros and Emissary

0generations-logoThere are a few things I need to say about the Titans Return line.

First off, the trading cards.  Hasbro made a big deal that they were doing real trading cards and not just a picture with no meaningful back.  I guess they tried, but in the then end, they failed miserably.  The cards suck.  There are only four ratings instead of the eight that nearly all other tech specs have had for 30 years (when we’ve actually had tech specs).  There is no quote or function, and the only bio is a couple lines on the back of the package, they didn’t even bother to put it on the card.  Hasbro fails again.  What else is new?

Secondly, what the fuck is it with Hasbro that they need to focus on only one theme at a time?  Why are we getting Targetmasters and Powermasters as Headmasters?  It makes no sense.  Worse yet, the two Targetmaster converts, Blurr and Scourge, both have awful paint jobs (or I should say, barely any paint jobs at all).  They put all the work into the real Headmasters and just mailed it in on the Targetmasters that they shouldn’t have been doing in the first place.  As usual, they half ass everything, just like with Combiner Wars, where they ended the line without doing Terrorcons, Predacons, Seacons, Monster Pretenders, G2 Protectobots, and G2 Constructicons (in both colors).  I mean, they still could do those as box sets next year, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Thirdly, the Titan Masters.  Why can’t they be consistent?  Apeface, Brawn, Nightbeat, and Terri-Bull are named for the actual characters they are the heads for instead of the actual heads they represent.  Clobber and Skytread could theoretically be the Headmasters for Grimlock and Flywheels.  This makes no sense.  Pick one way of doing it.  It would make far more sense to name them for the Headmaster and not the character they partner with, as we are only getting the Headmaster.  Related to that, it really sucks that we aren’t going to get any real versions of the Headmaster Juniors or Headmaster Horrorcons.

Finally, the Headmasters are freaking tiny.  G1 Headmasters were way better than these, and had the ratings meter on the chest gimmick that they didn’t even try to reproduce.  Another thing that sucks is that the heads of the Headmasters are articulated.  This makes it so that the larger robot heads are articulated, but also makes it hard when plugging them in to Titan Masters vehicles.  G1 Headmasters were so much better, but that’s true of most G1 toys.

Anyway, on to the review.

In the words of Maxwell Smart, “Missed it, by that much.”



tfgentrtitfm-2 tfgentrtitfm-3

They did a really nice job on Cerebros’s head sculpt.  It is really unfortunate they called him Emissary instead of Spike.


tfgentrtitfm-5 tfgentrtitfm-4

Cerebros’s robot mode looks great.  He’s got a lot of nice detail and the colors look great.  Fortress Maximus’s head is absolutely amazing.  You really couldn’t ask for more, except for eye color.  He doesn’t have any.  That kind of sucks.

Fortress Maximus


Battle Station Mode: Fortress Maximus’s battle station mode is pretty close to his G1 design.  The only major issue I have with it is that Cerebros forms to top of his tower.  This seems completely unnecessary.  It feels like there is no point to Cerebros having a robot mode as he has to be Fortress Maximus’s head and the top of the tower in both modes.  Other than that, his battle station mode is fine.


City Mode:  Unfortunately, his city mode is a complete joke.  His legs do not fold up to form the city mode like the G1 tiy.  Instead, you swing his legs out 90 degrees.  Additionally, his two side ramps are not ramps.  Now, you can look at them as being airstrips I suppose, but this leaves his fists sitting out in the open.  He really needed flip out ramps or something to cover his hands.


Robot Mode: Fortress Maximus looks pretty great in robot mode.  The only real problem he has is that he has two much red on his legs.  The guns should be red, but not the area around them.

Overall: While he looks great in robot mode, I have to consider this toy a failure.  Hasbro just didn’t bother to take the few more steps necessary to make him great.  Much of this stems from him being remolded from Metroplex.  His ramps/airstrips were repurposed from inside Metroplex’s legs, hence they are missing the ramps, and Hasbro didn’t bother add them.  On the right side of his chest (left as you look at it), you can see a three sided red box with black inside.  This is the pivot point for Metroplex’s left arm to swing back to form the rear tower in city mode.  They flipped Metroplex’s chest backwards to make Fortress Maximus’s chest (in other words, Metroplex’s back is Fortress Maximus’s chest.  I’m not sure why, as there is so much remolding, it would seem easier to not include the unnecessary parts, but that’s not a huge deal.  What is a huge deal, is that his legs don’t fold up in city mode, and that is directly because they used Metroplex’s legs instead of remolding them to fold up properly.  They also left off some of Fortress Maximus’s details like his forearm guns, waist guns, and two hand guns.  Now, you can detach his shin guns and put them in his hand, but that’s not the same as having his large guns to attach to his tower in robot mode.  The waist guns would seem to have been particularly easy, as they just needed to either fold out or telescope out of the bottom of the tower.  The silver circles are where the guns should be.  It’s like Hasbro was heading in the right direction, and then just stopped without finishing the toy.  That seems to be the Hasbro motto.  “Let’s do the minimum.”  Is Fortress Maximus worth $150?  I suppose so.  His robot mode does look great even without the details Hasbro failed on, but it’s not a slam dunk must have.  Frankly if you have a G1 Fortress Maximus, or even the Encore reissue, you probably don’t need this one.

Thanks for reading!

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6 Responses to Blog #1105: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Titan Fortress Maximus & Cerebros and Emissary

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  5. White Willis says:

    I’ll buy it and love it because I’m a Warrior.

  6. DarkAlex1978 says:

    Is sad. Fortress Maximus is like the Graal of Transformers and they botched it the chance of a new, great figure just because of their damn remold/recolor fetish.
    Unlike Skorponok, G1 Fortress Maximus toy was never imported in my country: we kids didn’t even know that it existed at all. The Encore version was too costly so I had a lot of hope for this Fortress Maximus and Hasbro promptly disappont me making this: I believe that Hasbro simply does not want my money XD
    I agree with your review: Cerebros is great, the jewel of this figure but the rest is an embarassing compared to the G1 playability, amount of features and stability. Sure, this is more detailed and jointed but I sincerely didn’t see any other improvement over the Vintage, quite the contrary.

    I’m very curious about how the Takara version would looks like: just a recolor or something like Ginrai?

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