Blog #1910: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok with Lord Zarak

Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok with Lord Zarak

Unnamed Titan Master

I hate it when they don’t give names to Titan Masters. They could have just called him Nebulon, and left it at that.

Lord Zarak

Lord Zarak is pretty cool, though his head seems a little small to me. He of course comes with no accessories, because Hasbro is cheap. More on that later.


Scorpion Mode: Scorponok’s scorpion mode is pretty darn perfect. I really don’t know what more anyone could ask for. I love the way they designed his legs. Each foot is articulated at the “ankle” as is each “knee”, but above that each side has two sets of two legs, so the “thighs” are in pairs that don’t move. This makes it much easier to line all the legs ups than it would if each leg was a completely separate piece. I really appreciate that.

Base Mode: Scorponok’s base mode is fine. It’s not as unwieldy as Trypticon, Metroplex, or Fortress Maximus. The only problem is, there isn’t much to him. Where are the guns? Where are the communications antennas? Where are the repair arms? Where is the small vehicle lift? It just looks like it’s missing all the parts that would have made it cool. It’s basically a static thing to pose toys on and around. Per usual, Hasbro gets within site of the finish line, and decides they’ve done enough.

Robot Mode: In robot Scorponok is an absolute beast. He really looks amazing. He comes with a shield…and nothing else. No sword. No Gun. Apparently Fasttrack, who is not yet out, well planned Hasbro, turns into a spear for Scorponok. Who cares? We’re supposed to wait months for an accessory? No. That’s crap. Hasbro blows it again.

Overall: Scorponok is a really good toy, but the lack of accessories takes what could have been an amazing toy down more than a few notches. That still makes him the second best Titan Class toy behind Omega Supreme. Pretty sad that a toy this flawed is still the second best toy in the entire class. (For my thoughts on the rest of the Titan Class toys, check out my Siege Titan Class Omega Supreme review.)

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