Blog #1104: Toy Review: Botcon 2016 Club Subscription Service 4.0 Combiner Thunder Mayhem

Botcon 2016 Club Subscription Service 4.0 Combiner Thunder Mayhem


Making a bunch of random toys combine into an existing character who is not a combiner is idiotic.  It was idiotic when Hasbro and Takara did it, and it’s idiotic now.  I suppose Thunderwing’s face isn’t bad, but his head is squashed.  It’s not as flat as Ravage and Tigatron, but it looks like it was a ball that has been squished.  Now, his G1 head was rather flat, but that’s due to the design of the toy.  He clearly is not that way in the comic book.  If you ignore the absurdity of Thunderwing being a combiner, he doesn’t look bad.  Problem is, it would be a thousand times better if they had taken a page out of Hasbro’s book.  When Hasbro designed Sky Lynx they failed to give him a lynx mode, and instead made the lynx the combiner.  While I hate making combiners of any non combiners, it was not a terrible way of incorporating Sky Lynx’s lynx mode.  They could have done the same here.  Bludgeon is a pretender, and as such has a third mode.  His pretender head is a helmeted skull, so it looks really cool.  How much better would this toy look with a helmeted skull?  They really missed the boat on that.

Grade: D-

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3 Responses to Blog #1104: Toy Review: Botcon 2016 Club Subscription Service 4.0 Combiner Thunder Mayhem

  1. Make America Great Again says:

    D minus? Are you kidding? This toy is great! Look at his hands. They’re huge!

  2. White Willis says:

    I’ll buy it, because I’m a whore and this is my crack.

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