Blog #496: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Prowl


Transformers Masterpiece Prowl



I ordered my Masterpiece Prowl with the “coin.”  These have been available for most recent Masterpiece toys.  It’s pretty cool, made to look like a police badge.  It was $8 more than the toy without the coin.  What I wasn’t expecting is what was packaged with the coin.


As you may recall, Masterpiece Sideswipe was available with an extra set of jackhammer accessories when purchased via Amazon Japan.  Similarly, they have an exclusive shoulder missile launcher available for Prowl via Amazon Japan.  To my surprise, my Prowl coin came packaged in a bag with the exclusive missile launcher.


As to the launcher itself, it does not actually launch, it is just black plastic with the missile part chromed.  It looks cool, but I don’t recall Prowl ever having a launcher like this in the cartoon.  So, it’s neat, but I’m not sure why they created it.  Might just be that I’ve forgotten, It’s been a while since I’ve watched the cartoon.



In vehicle mode Prowl is absolutely amazing, very nearly perfect.  The only minor thing is that I don’t get the rear view mirrors being so far forward.  The original toy had no rear view mirrors.  I can’t understand what use they would be that far away from the driver, but that’s a minor thing, he’s otherwise perfect.  That is apparently where they put them on the real car, but it is not at all true to the toy or animation.  His weapon mounts on the roof, and even the Amazon launcher can connect to the side of the car.




Like his vehicle mode, his robot mode is near perfect.  The only small thing missing is he police emblems on his upper arms.  I don’t mind that he doesn’t have Highway Patrol on his feet or police on his grill, but he really needed the emblems.  I’m also not a fan of his fold out shoulder cannons.  They don’t look anything like the G1 toy.  That is minor though.  He really is an amazing toy.

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