Blog #1190: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Leader Class Ginrai

0leglogoTransformers: Legends Leader Class Ginrai


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I’m still not quite sure what Hasbro was going for with the Optimus Prime head sculpt.  Honestly, next to the new one it’s kind of crap.  The new head sculpt is an amazing G1 Optimus Prime, and I love that they gave him animation accurate blue eyes.

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The repaint of Apex (now also called Ginrai because Japan) looks just like Hi-Q, Powermaster Optimus Prime’s original Powermaster.  They really did a nice job on him.

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I’m just going to ignore the base mode since it’s crap.  They gave him a much more silver plastic which looks awesome.  They remolded the truck cab to actually look like G1 Optimus Prime.  I kind of would have liked them to chrome the grill and bumper, but the silver look really nice.  I love the silver painted hubcaps.  The front part of the trailer is red.  This is a trade off to make him look better in robot mode.  I like the trailer striping better on the Japanese one with it’s two blue stripes that are the same thickness.  I kind of like the larger Autobot logo on the USA trailer, but that’s a small thing.  In robot mode the Japanese one is a million times better looking (except for his feet, more on that later).  The remolding to his chest makes him really look like Powermaster Optimus Prime.  All the gray around the chest on the USA version is now red.  I love his new guns.  His new forearms probably don’t look as look as the original, but the change was necessary for him to connect with the upcoming Godbomber.  The only major negative with Ginrai is his feet.  They have been remolded to make him taller, but, I assume, also to make him connect to Godbomber.  He kind of looks like he’s on stilts.  The toy still has the one big flaw of the USA version.  His lower legs are too thick on the inside making it impossible to stand him up with his legs straight.  These new feet don’t help that all.  I assume that foot problem will not be an issue when he connected with Godbomber.  This is a far superior toy to the USA even with the new screwy feet.  Skip the USA version, grab this one.  You will absolutely not regret it.

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4 Responses to Blog #1190: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Leader Class Ginrai

  1. ZeldaTheSwordsman says:

    Honestly, the base mode is at least passable. Especially considering that this mold started out as Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus.

    Regarding the chestplate, the Hasbro chestplate is actually sculpted to resemble Optimus with Hi-Q attached but in a style that resembles the 2011-2018 IDW aesthetic. I’ll say right now that it looks a lot better when painted.

    Legends Ginrai’s new feet actually better resemble the feet of the original Powermaster Optimus Prime toy (as opposed to the Hasbro version retaining CW Magnus’ boots). Although amusingly, that technically means he has those feet twice over because the new trailer ramp panels already had a representation of those feet sculpted in.

    What’s also amusing is that the difference in gray plastics echoes the original PMOP vs. the original Ginrai, except this new Ginrai’s plastic isn’t better by as much (the plastic is silver-ish but still mostly flat).

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