Blog #1189: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Deluxe Brainstorm & Cana

0leglogoTransformers: Legends Deluxe Brainstorm & Cana


Legends Deluxe Brainstorm is repainted from Transformers: Generations Deluxe Brainstorm.  Cana is repainted and remolded from Teslor.  His head sculpt is based on the Japanese Headmasters cartoon.  Read my review of the USA Walgreen exclusive (single pack) Brainstorm & Teslor and the SDCC Brainstorm & Teslor.

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I like Brainstorm’s new head sculpt, but overall, I prefer the faceplate version.  It’s hard to compare the USA and Japanese Brainstorm color schemes.  The single pack USA version was based on the G1 toy color, and it is a pretty good homage to it.  A Voyager Brainstorm toy was released two years ago in the USA, which came out more recently than that in the Japan, both using the G1 color scheme.  For that reason, this new Japanese Brainstorm uses a blue color scheme that I believe matches how he looked in the Japanese Headmasters cartoon.  So the color schemes are really apples and oranges.  Having said that, I absolutely love the Japanese color scheme.  The blue, white, and black look great.  I’ve said before, that the gray plastic on most deluxe Titan Masters is G1 accurate on most of them, but the Japanese white plastic just looks way nicer.  Which is the best version of this toy?  It boils down to what color scheme you want.  The USA single packed toy is the most G1 accurate.  The Japanese is probably the best looking.  The SDCC version seems to be a half-assed attempt at the Japanese blue color scheme.

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