Blog #1188: Toy Review: Transformers Collector’s Club Only Human Arcee & Rodimus Prime

0botcon16Transformers Collector’s Club Only Human Arcee & Rodimus Prime

These figures are based on the Generation One Transformers episode Only Human.  It is the same episode that the Old Snake figure the club did last year was based on.  The figures are relatively cheap compared to other Fun Publications toys at $29, though still overpriced.  They look okay, represent the characters as they were turned human in that episode.  But really, did anyone want these?  What ticks me off about this, is that they chose Old Snake and Marissa Faireborn so they could market them to the GI Joe club too.  Instead they could have done some of the human characters who actually appeared in multiple episodes.  Where are Spike, Sparkplug, Carly, Chip, or Dr. Arkeville?  There are others appearing in just one episode that would have been way more interesting like Shawn Berger or Doctor Fujiyama the Famous Scientist.  (The latter of whom created Nightbird.)  Instead we get figures from an episode that makes little sense.  Anyway.

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The Rodimus comes with a fishing pole and fish that looks nothing like the fish he caught in Transformers the movie, which has nothing to do with this set.  Rodimus’s guns have pegs as if they are meant to attach to something, but there is nothing for them to attach to.  Arcee comes with some kind of drone to strap on her back, and her guns have small tabs on them for no obvious reason.  I didn’t bother take a scan of it, but Rodimus’s bio card lists him as “Autobot Commander In Chief”.  So apparently, he is now president of the Autobots since being Autobo Leader wasn’t good enough.  Perhaps he can become President of the United States.  He’s already orange and this action figure is more qualified than the one we’re about to have.

Grade: Who Cares

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1 Response to Blog #1188: Toy Review: Transformers Collector’s Club Only Human Arcee & Rodimus Prime

  1. DarkAlex1978 says:

    Yeah, I agree with you: there are a lot of human characters far more interesting than those two (and by the way, without the humanized Springer and Ultra Magnus, they are a permanently incomplete set) and far more sought by fans.
    The artworks on the packagings at least seems very well done.

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