Blog #1415: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends God Ginrai (Leader Ginrai & Voyager Godbomber with Headmasters Cab & Minerva)

Transformers: Legends God Ginrai (Leader Ginrai & Voyager Godbomber with Headmasters Cab & Minerva)

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I’m only going to go over the differences between the original version of God Ginrai and the box set.


The only change to Godbomber is the silver chrome on the vehicle front. The rest of the toy is still as much of a disaster as it was before. The sword blade and missile are also chromed.


The only change on Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime) is the clear windows on his cab. This looks great. I am so glad they made this change. Made the cost of the box set almost worth it. You can’t really see it in the pic, but the red plastic is not perfectly matched to the red paint on the cab. You can see that clearly in the half circle red plastic door on the roof of the cab.

God Ginrai

In robot mode God Ginrai has the silver chest silver sword, and silver missile.

Headmaster Cab

Cab is the Japanese version of Headmaster Hosehead, I have no idea where they got this color scheme for Cab’s Headmaster. The original Cab was identical to Hosehead.

Headmaster Minerva

Minerva was the Japanese version of Headmaster Nightbeat. She was not just a repaint but an entirely different character.

Overall: I mainly wanted this set for the chromed parts and clear windows. The two Headmasters are new molds, but unless you need the chrome or Headmasters, I really can’t recommend this toy especially at this price.

Thanks for reading!

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