Blog #1416: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Leader Sixshot


Transformers: Legends Leader Sixshot

Read my review of Generations Six Shot. Sixshot comes with a completely new mold Headmaster.

Headmaster Sixshot

Headmaster Sixshot is a completely new mold. His robot mode is made to look like a miniature Sixshot. His new face sculpt looks great. Not sure about the weird thing on his forehead, but you can’t see that when he’s combined anyway. One interesting thing, the Japanese version is just white plastic. The USA version was painted. I kind of wish the Japanese one was painted.


The USA version’s dark purple has been replaced with a lighter shade and his green has been replaced with more of a teal color. His black treads are now silver. He has numerous paint app changes. Overall I think I prefer the Japanese color scheme on this mold, but the USA version is more toy accurate. Unfortunately they did nothing to address the numerous design flaws, though his knees are slightly tighter, a change that may have been made to the USA version after the initial release. The one thing they did change was his helmet. In addition to his newly sculpted face he has a new helmet that looks great. The USA version looked like crap with an enormous forehead that covers his eyes.  I am disappointed that they didn’t make his sixth more a gun instead of the stupid submariner.  I love the design of his box.  It has the colored square background that is very similar to the G1 box.  That was a really nice touch.

Overall: For the head sculpt alone, the Japanese version is worth it.

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