Blog #1210 Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Leader Six Shot & Revolver

Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Leader Six Shot & Revolver

There are a few things I need to say about the Titans Return line.

First off, the trading cards.  Hasbro made a big deal that they were doing real trading cards and not just a picture with no meaningful back.  I guess they tried, but in the then end, they failed miserably.  The cards suck.  There are only four ratings instead of the eight that nearly all other tech specs have had for 30 years (when we’ve actually had tech specs).  There is no quote or function, and the only bio is a couple lines on the back of the package, they didn’t even bother to put it on the card.  Hasbro fails again.  What else is new?

Secondly, what the fuck is it with Hasbro that they need to focus on only one theme at a time?  Why are we getting Targetmasters and Powermasters as Headmasters?  It makes no sense.  Worse yet, the two Targetmaster converts, Blurr and Scourge, both have awful paint jobs (or I should say, barely any paint jobs at all).  They put all the work into the real Headmasters and just mailed it in on the Targetmasters that they shouldn’t have been doing in the first place.  As usual, they half ass everything, just like with Combiner Wars, where they ended the line without doing Terrorcons, Predacons, Seacons, Monster Pretenders, G2 Protectobots, and G2 Constructicons (in both colors).  I mean, they still could do those as box sets next year, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Thirdly, the Titan Masters.  Why can’t they be consistent?  Apeface, Brawn, Nightbeat, and Terri-Bull are named for the actual characters they are the heads for instead of the actual heads they represent.  Clobber and Skytread could theoretically be the Headmasters for Grimlock and Flywheels.  This makes no sense.  Pick one way of doing it.  It would make far more sense to name them for the Headmaster and not the character they partner with, as we are only getting the Headmaster.  Related to that, it really sucks that we aren’t going to get any real versions of the Headmaster Juniors or Headmaster Horrorcons.

Finally, the Headmasters are freaking tiny.  G1 Headmasters were way better than these, and had the ratings meter on the chest gimmick that they didn’t even try to reproduce.  Another thing that sucks is that the heads of the Headmasters are articulated.  This makes it so that the larger robot heads are articulated, but also makes it hard when plugging them in to Titan Masters vehicles.  G1 Headmasters were so much better, but that’s true of most G1 toys.

Anyway, on to the review.

Before I get to the specifics, Six Shot is something of an oddity.  Unlike most of Hasbro’s G1 homages from recent years, Six Shot is nearly a piece by piece duplicate of the G1 toy.  There are some changes, alterations in how certain parts move, his shoulder for example, and changes to eliminate certain parts, the doors that are the backs of his legs for example, but he ends up with the same functionality as the original.  This would be a great strength of the toy, if not for one unfortunate problem.  G1 Six Shot’s shoulder, hip, and knee joints were all ratcheting joints.  Titans Return Six Shot’s hip joints ratchet, but not his shoulders and knees.  This constitutes a major design flaw.  The G1 toy is heavily reliant on those ratcheting joints to properly line parts up in a variety of modes.  The second major design flaw is his ratcheting hip joints.  G1 ratcheting joints had very little give to them.  You had one position, and then the next one.  There was no wiggle room.  Ratcheting joins on newer toys often have too much give in them.  It’s like someone decided that they were going to make Six Shot one of the most faithful homages to a G1 toy’s design, but forgot the most important part that makes that design function.

One far less critical, but just as irksome issue, is that nowhere on his packaging or instructions does it explicitly state what is five alternate modes are supposed to be.  Now, obviously, four of them mirror the G1, so we know what they are supposed to be, but we don’t actually know what the fifth vehicle mode is.  Also it’s stupid not to include what his alternate modes are.

They also changed his name from Sixshot to Six Shot.  It was better without the space.  (It is possible I am being slightly overcritical on this particular point.)


Titan Master: I really like Six Shot’s face sculpt.  It’s very reminiscent of the G1.  Unfortunately, the helmet is a different story.  The G1 toy (and animation) does not have that plate on his forehead.  In the picture on the left you can barely see his eyes.  With the top of the helmet pushed slightly up and out of position it looks a lot better, but this is not proper transformation.  I’m going to guess the plate is the work of the geniuses at IDW.  (IDW, ruining Transformers since 2005.)  If the plate was a little smaller and not covering his eyes, it wouldn’t bother me nearly as much.  Also, his helmet is a little different than most of the other Voyager and Leader class toys.  His helmet fully encloses the Headmaster.  What this means is that his helmet could be removed in favor of a real head and it would not affect the transformation of the toy at all.  If a third part company makes a G1 accurate replacement head, I might just have to get one.

Six Shot

“Tank” Mode: The tank mode looks very much like the G1.  I really like the look.  Unfortunately, here is a prime example of the ratcheting joint issue.  His robots arms form the sides of the tank and have the treads on the bottom.  Since his shoulders don’t ratchet, they are only connected at the back.  There is a wheel underneath in the middle of the vehicle to take pressure off the treads in front, as with the G1, but it’s hard to get the treads to stay properly aligned without correctly ratcheting shoulders.  It could have been fixed by attaching the side of his arms to the body of the vehicle.  This would have eliminated the need for the ratchet in this mode.  His legs are flipped up over the vehicle to form weapons.  His legs do not connect together.  G1 Sixshot’s legs did not connect either, but his ratcheting legs and knees kept the two sides aligned.  It is impossible to get these perfectly lined up.

“Jet” Mode: Six Shot’s jet mode looks perfect, but looks can be deceiving.  He does suffer from two minor and one major problems.  One minor one is regarding his ratcheting shoulders.  If you look at where the wing sits just under his arm, you’ll see that his tread is resting on the wing.  This does keep it in place because the wing is locked in place.  If his shoulder ratcheted then you could flip those treads up to the side, and off the wing, but they are all that is keeping his arms in place in this mode.  As I said, this one is minor, but I would have preferred his arms not sit on the wings, or alternately peg into the wings.  The other issue is that in jet mode, his helmet is visible on the back of the vehicle.  It has to be flipped out so that his Titan Master can go inside where his head would be.  This is a direct effect of making a toy that was not a Headmaster into a Headmaster.  Now for the big one.  His hips ratchet, but as I said, they have a lot of give to them.  Consequently, the front of the jet (his robot legs) doesn’t stay lined up with the rest of the vehicle.  There are two tabs that appear to be designed to hold this all in place, but I can’t get them to stay in.

“Car” Mode: The only problem with the car mode is that the Titan Master has to sit on the vehicle instead of inside it.  It does not suffer from any issue with the ratcheting joints because Six Shot’s robot arms peg in to the sides of the vehicle.

“Beast” Mode: In beast mode we can see one of the good changes to the toy.  The G1 toys have really small claws molded onto Six Shot’s wrists, but now they are separate pieces that flip down.  Also, they did something pretty clever with his Titan Master.  In head mode you put the Titan Master behind the animal head.  So, in affect he is not only the robot’s head, but the animal’s head.  Points for that one.  It’s a creative way to store the Titan Master in this mode.  Not sure how I feel about the guns as his tail.  I think I would rather the be on as guns.

“Mystery” Mode:  Of course this was supposed to be his gun mode, so they turned it upside down and made it, well, we’ll never know because it doesn’t say in or on the box.  It doesn’t look bad, it just isn’t any actual identifiable thing.  Again, his non ratcheting shoulders prevent you from being able to keep his arms level.

Robot Mode: In robot mode the lack of ratcheting joints isn’t a big deal, expect that his knee joints are pretty weak.  Happily they did not give him the silly tilted feet that so many toys have these says so he can stand straight.  His guns are partially designed to look like his G1 guns.  One side is designed for the silly Titan Master seat, but the bottoms and barrels do look a lot like the original.

Overall: In spite of his numerous and easily preventable flaws, Six Shot is a good looking toy.  Just display him in robot mode where the flaws aren’t so apparent.

Thanks for reading!


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7 Responses to Blog #1210 Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Leader Six Shot & Revolver

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  5. DarkAlex1978 says:

    “(IDW, ruining Transformers since 2005.)” Yeah, for that statement I give you a 92 minute long applause.

    For the gun mode… well, is weird how in the USA toy guns are such a taboo. However aside for being a gun upside down, is a very stupid excuse for a submarine mainly because that mode lacks any enclosed cockpit.

  6. lmb3 says:

    A submarine? What they should have done is made that into the base mode. I’m not sure how, but that would have been better than turning the gun upside down and calling it a submarine.

  7. Matt says:

    Great review, and respect for being honest and critical instead of giving him a free pass just because it’s a Generations Sixshot. Just to clarify, the “mystery mode” was labelled by a Hasbro representative as a “submarine mode”. Yeah, I’m not seeing it either.

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