Blog #1365: Toy Reviews: Transformers: SDCC 2017 Exclusive Primitive Skateboarding Optimus Prime & Shreddicus Maximus

Transformers: SDCC 2017 Exclusive Primitive Skateboarding Optimus Prime & Shreddicus Maximus

Previous Mold Use: Generations Magnus Prime, Legends Ginrai, Generations Optimus Prime

Shreddicus Maximus

The face would have looked better with some gold paint apps.

New Accessories

A skateboard ramp, really? What the fuck Hasbro? (More on that later.)

Optimus Prime

The black, gold, and silver color scheme looks really great on this mold. The new accessories can form a gun. When I put the gun together I put the board on the back upside down. When put on correctly it forms a scope.

Overall: Why on Earth did Hasbro think it was a good idea to let some random company that has nothing to do with Transformers come up with a SDCC exclusive? If they wanted to do an exclusive for this company, then let them sell it through their own outlet like they did with the Linkin Park G1 Soundwave repaint. Why they couldn’t just do Nucleon Quest Optimus Prime is beyond me. The color scheme is great, but Optimus Prime with a billboard for a company no one has ever heard of (I’m sure someone has, but I haven’t) makes no sense at all.

Thanks for reading!

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