Blog #636: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction One Step Changers Wave 2 (Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Hound, Lockdown, Slash)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction One Step Changers Wave 2 (Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Hound, Lockdown, Slash)

So, I guess that Lockdown is technically Wave 1.5, but that seems pretty silly to have a 1.5 Wave with one new toy in it, so I’ve just included him in Wave 2.


One Step Changer Bumblebee



Bumblebee looks very cool in care mode.  Unfortunately, I have yet to make his transformation work properly.  You have to pull back the roof and release the latch to make him spring into robot mode, and it’s not worth the effort since his robot mode is deplorable.  That this toy was produced should be considered a crime against childhood.  They should have used the same design as Drift.  Fortunately, the others are better.


One Step Changer Crosshairs



Crosshairs car mode is great, and he looks good in robot mode.  His spring loaded transformation works, but is kind of hard to squeeze back into car mode.  I find it hard to call his robot to vehicle mode transformation one step.


One Step Changer Hound



I really like Hound.  He looks great in both modes with lots of mold detail, and good paint apps.  He sort of folds into robot mode.  No springs.  I’m finding I like the non-spring loaded ones better.


One Step Changer Lockdown



Lockdown is the same exact design as Crosshairs.  He looks really great in both modes, especially that car mode.


One Step Changer Slash



Slash folds into robot mode just like Grimlock.  I think his robot mode looks a bit better than Grimlock though.  I think his overall color scheme make it look better.

Overall:  Really a mixed bag.  Some, like Hound and Slash are great.  Lockdown and Crosshairs are good.  Bumblebee looks like a Dinobot ate Bumblebee and then vomited this out.  I take that back.  That would look better than this Bumblebee toy.

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