Blog #637: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction Flip & Change Wave 2 & Wave 3 (Bumblebee, Drift, Lockdown)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Flip & Change Wave 2 & Wave 3 (Bumblebee, Drift, Lockdown)

The first wave Grimlock and Optimus Prime were okay for what they are, but these guys have a major design flaw.  The Flip & Change gimmick means the entire transformation is geared.  It seems to be designed to protect the gears from being stripped or misaligned, but it also depends on it moving all parts correctly to transform.  The robot heads almost never flip over properly, and don’t sit in the right position in robot mode.  The shoulders can be pushed in to lock them in robot mode.  This is not referenced in the instructions at all.  More below.


Flip & Change Bumblebee



The vehicle mode of all of these guys are pretty nice accept for the block sticking out in front of the door.  The really sad part about these is that if they had done away with the Flip & Change gimmick, and just made them fold up easily, they could have removed that block and they would be pretty decent toys.  They are good sized, with nice mold detail in robot mode, but that is not enough to save them from being awful.  My Bumblebee’s hood and windshield won’t stay all the way down.  Not sure if it is defective, poorly designed, or if mine was damaged.  Could be the gearing or springs are messed up.


Flip & Change Drift



I love the look of his car mode, but he has the same things wrong with him as Bumblebee, plus his chest sits at an odd angle, and it makes him look down at the ground in front of him.  Pretty ridiculous.


Flip & Change Lockdown



As with Drift, his car mode looks awesome.  The plastic has a metallic look to it that is very cool, but he still has the lousy transformation gimmick.

Overall: We can only hope that unsuspecting parents buy these turkeys at Christmas, or it will be all that is on the shelves in January.  (Not that I want kids to end up with this crap but it’s better than them clogging the shelves and no new product coming in.)  They seem to be shipping tons of Wave 1.  I got these from HTS, but I am sure they will ship in equally massive quantities, and I am afraid they will just sit on shelves collecting dust.  They are enough to challenge my own completist nature.

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