Blog #1499: Toy Review: TFC Toys Uranos (Superion) and Wings of Uranos Add On Set

TFC Toys Uranos (Superion) and Wings of Uranos Add On Set

Uranos is TFC Toys’ Third Party Superion. He came out around 2013, and I got him without the boxes for a great price. The individual toys really don’t have names, they just use the names of the jets they are based on: Air Raid is F-15 Eagle, Fireflight is F-4 Phantom, Silverbolt is SR-71 Blackbird, Skydive is F-16 Falcon, and Slingshot is AV88 Harrier II. There is a sixth toy, X-47 Phantom Ray. More on him later. For simplicity’s sake, I will use their Transformers names. The Wings of Uranos add of set included individual weapons for each robot. Silverbolt’s is made to look like his G1 weapon. The others are not identical to their original G1 weapons, but are generally based on them. The set also comes with missiles for all the smaller jets to mount under their wings in jet mode and pieces to reduce the space between Silverbolt and Superion’s heads and shoulders. Most importantly it includes a new chest, waist, and faceplate for Superion. It’s called an add on set, but really the set is not complete without those Superion parts and gun.

Air Raid

Vehicle Mode: In jet mode Air Raid is absolutely perfect. His paint apps are great. He has two detachable fuel tanks. Each jet has two ports under the wings for his fuel tanks and missiles, but due to the size of his fuel tanks they are actually pegged into his hands. Which sit under his wings against the fuselage. Not sure why they made Air Raid’s tanks so much bigger than the others. Were they smaller, they could be pegged in as intended.

Robot Mode: Air Raid looks awesome in robot mode. I thought Hasbro did a good job on Combiner Wars Air Raid, but this one is so much better. He has an amazing head sculpt and great paint apps.


Vehicle Mode: Fireflight looks fantastic in jet mode. He has a minor design issue. When his missiles are mounted under his wings it is not possible to deploy and retract his landing gear, which is located under his wings. It’s not a major thing, but it is a bit annoying.

Robot Mode: If only Combiner Wars Firefly looked this good. Fireflight looks amazing. His head sculpt is perfect and he has plenty of paint apps.


Vehicle Mode: Silverbolt is the only member of the team to have been given a new jet mode. Instead of his original Concorde mode he is now an SR-71 Blackbird. It was always a little odd that Silverbolt was the only Aerialbot that did not have a military jet as his vehicle mode. The Blackbird is a perfect choice for Silverbolt since it has the same basic shape as the Concorde with the long fuselage and wings toward the back. What is a little odd is seeing an SR-71 in any color other than black or dark gray. Still, he looks awesome. His gun can be mounted on top with the sides removed using one of the combiner connectors. He has twin gatling guns under the fuselage.

Robot Mode: I had his waist turned around backwards in one of the photos above. The red waist is for Superion from the Wings of Uranos add on set. Silverbolt’s predominantly red chest makes him less G1 accurate. G1 Silverbolt only had the top of his chest red, but he still look great. I am not sure his face sculpt looks a lot like G1 Silverbolt. It’s not bad, just different. Also not accurate are the huge jet engines on his back, but they really look great. Overall Combiner Wars Silverbolt is much more G1 accurate, but this one is way cooler.


Vehicle Mode: Skydive is fantastic. The Wings of Uranos add on set not only included missiles for under his wings, but two missiles for the end of his wings which is accurate for the F-16 Falcon. He just looks great.

Robot Mode: Skydive has a great head sculpt and paint apps. The gray pieces that fold down over the sides of his chest are not G1 accurate, but look great. Definitely better than Combiner Wars Skydive.


Vehicle Mode: Slingshot is an AV88 Harrier II. The Harrier is interesting in that it has wheels under both wings. Slingshot does come with these, and they can peg in under his wings and fold up. Unfortunately, if you put them on then you have to leave off either his fuel tanks or missiles. He doesn’t really need the extra lading gear, so I choose to leave them off. He looks really great in jet mode.

Robot Mode: In robot mode he looks great, but his head sculpt does not look anything like Slingshot. I’m not sure why Slingshot is so cursed. Hasbro leaves him out of Combiner Wars and the third party version has a completely inaccurate head sculpt. Other than the head sculpt, Slingshot looks amazing.

X-47 Phantom Ray

This is a weird one. X-47 Phantom Ray becomes the chest of Uranos, but is replaced by the chest from the Wings of Uranos add on set. I can’t really make sense of his name. The Phantom Ray is an Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) being developed by Boeing, but as far as I know the designation X-47 has no connection to it. The X-47B is a UCAV manufactured by Northrop Grumman. I can only assume the name is an amalgamation of the two. His vehicle mode sort of looks like a cross between them, but a lot more like the Northrop Grumman X-47B than the Phantom Ray. His robot mode is weird. He has hands, but you can’t see them unless you bend his arms in at the elbows. They’re on the inside of his wrists. Really weird. His UCAV mode looks very cool. Phantom Ray comes packaged with Silverbolt.

Wings of Uranos

The Superion parts from the Wings of Uranos set form a little drone. Doesn’t really add much to the set.


Here you have Superion as built from the original five toys. He doesn’t look much like Superion. Phantom Ray has multiple connection points which keeps him lined up properly, but I had a hell of a time getting him pegged on. As you can see, Superion has a mouth which just looks wrong, and his head seems to sit on an impossibly thin neck.

Superion with Add On Set

Now, this is Superion. (I didn’t realize until now that I forgot to pull up his antennas.) The Wings of Uranos Add on set includes a plate that sits under Superion’s head so he doesn’t have a tiny neck. It also includes a faceplate so Superion actually looks more like Superion. It has the new chest and waste which are pretty much perfect. He looks awesome. Silverbolt comes with a handle that is necessary for Superion to hold either his original weapon or the weapon for the add on set. This means you can’t have him wield both guns, but you can store one on his back. I didn’t take a picture of him without the wings, but the wings of all four smaller jets are removable, which gives him a more streamlined animation look, as those parts tend to disappear in the animation. As to how he compares to Combiner Wars Superion, He is better in almost every way, but Superion has a much more accurate head sculpt.

Overall: This is an awesome set. I got a crazy good deal on it. Not sure it’s worth what it’s selling for on eBay, but it’s a really great toy.

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