Blog #1120: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Con 4-Pack Wave 3 (Bashbreaker, Dragonus, Lancelon, Lord Doomitron)

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Con 4-Pack Wave 3 (Bashbreaker, Dragonus, Lancelon, Lord Doomitron)



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Bashbreaker?  Really?  That’s the best name they could come up with.  Hammer mode isn’t bad, but in robot mode he has no hands, and barely has arms.  I kind of like the head sculpt though.


tfridmc4pkw3-04 tfridmc4pkw3-05

This Dragonus is a new mold, but is based on the original’s design.  Not the best looking gun, but not terrible.  Interestingly, the previous version of Dragonus was a Decepticon and now he is an Autobot.  This could either be some story element planned for the next season of Robots in Disguise, or it could have been that they didn’t have an Autobot in the set, so they just made him an Autobot.


tfridmc4pkw3-06 tfridmc4pkw3-07 tfridmc4pkw3-08 tfridmc4pkw3-09

His spear, or lance if you prefer, mode is sort of silly being that it has a big hole in the middle.  I’m not one who gets all excited about articulation, I like G1 toys, but he has no articulation.  He is essentially a statue.  He looks okay, but Lancelon is pretty forgettable.

Lord Doomitron

tfridmc4pkw3-10 tfridmc4pkw3-11 tfridmc4pkw3-12 tfridmc4pkw3-13

Lord Doomitron.  Now I get it.  Hasbro has hired a team of five year olds to name their toys.  No one over that age could come up with the name Lord Doomitron.  If I worked at Hasbro and someone said to me that they wanted to call this toy Lord Doomitron, I would fire them on the spot.  I guess he’s supposed to be some kind of claw.  No idea.  He looks stupid.

Overall: I was so looking forward to the Weaponizer Mini-Cons.  Even going back to Armada, the best Mini-Cons were the ones with weapon modes.  The new Slipstream from the last box set was really great, but this set is just kind of sad.

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