Blog #1083: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Con Battle Packs Wave 3 (Sideswipe with Windstrike & Strongarm with Sawtooth)


Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Con Battle Packs Wave 3 (Sideswipe with Windstrike & Strongarm with Sawtooth)

Read my review of the original version of Sideswipe here.



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Windstrike is pretty cool.  He turns into a sword.  All Mini-Cons should turn into weapons.  They are 1000% better than the Mini-Cons used by the Deployers.  While Windstrike looks great in both modes, the armor sucks.  The instructions are completely inadequate.  It took me fifteen minutes to figure out how the sword goes on his back.  The pieces hanging off the blade in back will fall off if you look at them funny.  It’s very poorly designed.  Not sure how this one got the green light.


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Sideswipe is a repaint.  Nothing special here, but the armor really sucks when used on Sideswipe.  The wings on his back fall off if you breathe lightly on them.  Horrible design.



tfrid2mcbpw3-14 tfrid2mcbpw3-15 tfrid2mcbpw3-16 tfrid2mcbpw3-17

I’m not sure what Sawtooth is supposed to be, but he looks pretty cool.  His armor all stays on too (shocker!).  His weapon mode is okay.  It’s some kind of bladed weapon.  I just wish his armor were a different color.  It sorts of blends in.


tfrid2mcbpw3-18 tfrid2mcbpw3-19 tfrid2mcbpw3-20 tfrid2mcbpw3-21 tfrid2mcbpw3-22

Strongarm’s armor at least stays on, so there’s that.  Strongarm is a pretty great toy, maybe one of the better Strongarm toys we’ll see.  Unfortunately, her elbow joint is not sufficient to hold the weight of the weapons, so she needs to hold it at an odd angle.  Vehicle mode needed a few more paint apps.  What else is new?

Overall: I think I would like this line better if they started off with weapon Mini-Cons and ditched the armor.  I’m kind of sick of them at this point.  Both have new molding, but I’d say they are for completists only.

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2 Responses to Blog #1083: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Con Battle Packs Wave 3 (Sideswipe with Windstrike & Strongarm with Sawtooth)

  1. FELIPE ACUNA says:

    i have a hasbro one that i got at a good discount, and also got from a friend a takara one(without armor or minicon though) so i just stuffed the takara on the hasbro packaging and took out the hasbro one to play with…what can i say…hasbro doesnt have any meaningful paint…it has but it oenst do much, but takara? damn that thing is beautiful

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