Blog #1029: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Role Play Toys (Bumblebee Blaster & Decepticon Hunter Sword)


Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Role Play Toys (Bumblebee Blaster & Decepticon Hunter Sword)

I have been looking for these two things for months.  I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find them until I finally picked them up online.  I’m pretty sure these were never released in the USA.  That’s only a guess, but I go to a lot of big box stores, and I’ve never seen them, nor have I heard they were out in the USA.  My Bumblebee Blaster came from Canada and my Decepticon Hunter Sword came from Greece.  Very few of the swords are even available online.  I have a theory for why they haven’t shown up in the USA.  Both use plastic missiles, rather than the foam missile you would expect on toys like these.  I’m not sure they pass USA safety laws for that reason.  I can’t imagine any other reason they wouldn’t show up.  This might be the same reason that the Rescue Bots Bumblebee’s Repair Station never came to the USA.  It is meant for small children and had a launching missile.  I think I got mine from South Korea.  This is all just speculation, but I can’t imagine any other reason they weren’t released here.  Both are far cooler than other recent role play toys.


Bumblebee Blaster

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The first thing I notice about the Bumblebee Blaster is that in vehicle mode, it might be the best paint job we see on any non Japanese RID Bumblebee toy.  This is pretty sad if you think about it, but he does look awesome in vehicle mode.  His gun mode is fairly simple with the sides of the car flipping up and the handle flipping down.  The trigger fires the center missile, and there are buttons on each side to launch the side missile, which seems cumbersome.  There is storage for a missile under each side of the car, but he only comes with four missiles.  Five would have made a lot more sense, or just do three and get rid of the storage as it is unnecessary.  The two side missiles can also fire out of the front of the vehicle mode.  It’s a pretty cool toy.


Decepticon Hunter Sword

tfrid2rpdhs-2 tfrid2rpdhs-3

The Decepticon Hunter Sword has some really cool engineering.  Like the blaster, it should have come with five missiles.  The missiles store in the end of the handle.  There is storage for four, but with one in the launcher there is an empty space.  As a sword it looks really cool, but it’s the gun mode that s really awesome.  If you hold the sword sticking up, gravity very easily opens both sides of the gun when you press the button.  But, if you hold it out straight with the handle of the gun on the bottom and press the button, gravity pulling down on the handle is enough to force the top with the launcher into the up position.  It’s a small thing, but really well engineered.

Overall: These are both very cool.  While they may not be of great interest to collectors, it’s unfortunate that most kids won’t get a chance to play with these.

Thanks for reading!

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