Transformers Masterpiece Tracks



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Tracks comes with a non-transforming and more or less in scale Blaster in boom box mode as well as a non-articulated Raul figure.  These are okay, but I still say we need a line of actual G1 human action figures.  The ones Fun Publications has done and are planning to do contain none of the core important characters from the series (not that I would put Raul in that category).


tfmptk-5 tfmptk-6

Vehicle Mode: In car mode, Tracks looks perfect.  You can, though I didn’t get a picture, flip over the Autobot logo so his roof is solid blue.  His flying mode is very good also, but the back end of the vehicle doesn’t really snap into place.  The art on his hood is fantastic.


Robot Mode: Tracks looks great in robot mode.  I love the animation head sculpt.  My only major problem with this toy is that the middle part of his “backpack” between his missiles rotates, and does not snap in place.  This makes it very hard to position his missiles, as the part the are attached to keeps moving.  It is very annoying.  His backpack also sticks up farther than it is supposed to, but it seems to be pegged in properly.

Overall: How can you not like Tracks?  He has one of the coolest car modes of any G1 Transformer.  They did a fantastic job with this Masterpiece toy.  I highly recommend him.

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  2. Data Soong says:

    That’s cool, I didn’t think to put Blaster on the dashboard.

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