Blog #830: Toy Review: Mastermind Creations (Third Party) Transformers Commander X (AKA Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Repainted)

Mastermind Creations (Third Party) Transformers Commander X (AKA Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Repainted)

So, I loved the IDW Hearts of Steel comic series.  With Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as steam engines, Shockwave was an Ironclad, and various other really cool designs, HOS was one of the most outside the box Transformers stories I’ve ever read.  While there will never be any official toys, Mastermind Creations has given us some really great ones.  Their first, Optimus Prime, called Knight Morpher Commander.  He was later painted black and called Commander Annihilator.  Commander X, a repaint in purple and black has been out for a while, but I finally picked one up.  He is essentially supposed to be Shattered Glass Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime.  Since I never did a full review of that toy, I’ll do one now.  I can’t put my hands on the original, so I’ll just use the Commander X pics.


Steam Engine Mode: He looks great, but even better in the Optimus Prime color scheme.  They did a great job on the mold.  It’s very nicely detailed and painted.

tfmmckmcx-3 tfmmckmcx-4 tfmmckmcx-5 tfmmckmcx-6

Robot Mode: Different versions have had different weapons.  I don’t think that black sword came with the original.  The translucent green sword was a special edition out of 100 or 200 copies I think.  He looks really amazing, just a wonderful toy.  My only complaint about it is that the lance and his jetpack make up the cannon in his trailer, so you can’t use those parts and still have the trailer with a cannon in it.

Overall: This is a really cool toy, and if, like me, you loved trains long before the Transformers were even created, this is a must have.  Though I would recommend the original version in Optimus Prime colors.

Thanks for reading!

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