Blog #174: Toy Review: Knight Morpher Cyclops (AKA Hearts of Steel Shockwave)

Knight Morpher Cyclops (based on Hearts of Steel Shockwave) is an ironclad ship and the second in a series of toys based on the IDW Hearts of Steel comic series.  This is one awesome toy…to look at, but to transform?  Well, that’s something else entirely.

I find this toy to be very delicate.  When I was connecting the chain (which is metal with a plastic end piece) to the anchor, the plastic loop that holds the chain on broke off.  A little crazy glue and it’s fine, but there are many other parts that seem like they could easily break.  I transformed him from boat to robot mode once, and that’s how he goes on the shelf.  Kind of a shame, especially since Knight Morpher Commander (AKA Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime) is so well constructed.

The boat mode is enormous and amazing looking.  He has a door in the bow that can be opened to pull out the anchor.  He is highly detailed with molded rivets all over, which look perfect on an ironclad.

In robot mode he is an imposing figure.  He has Shockwave’s signature cannon hand and a perfect G1 modeled head.  Also, the anchor weapon attaches to his cannon arm with the chain, sort of simulating a hose.  The only major complaint I have is that his right arm is way to bulky and his upper arm joint is very loose.  Other than that, he’s just plain awesome looking!

Shockwave has another accessory, a mini sub that is housed inside the hull of the ship, with doors that can be opened underneath to deploy it.  It’s very cool, but the way the sides are designed, it’s very hard to get it into sub mode.  The side panels don’t want to stay in place.

The mini sub transforms into a mini Shockwave!  He’s very cool and a great addition to this toy.

Overall, for a toy this expensive, I would have hoped it would be less delicate.  Still, it looks great, and let’s be honest, only serious Transformers fans even know about Hearts of Steel, so it’s only going to appeal to those who would be willing to spend a lot on a toy they couldn’t really do much with.

Thanks for reading!

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