Blog #369: Toy Review: Mastermind Creations (Third Party) Transformers Mirrorverse Knight Morpher Mini Cyclops (AKA Hearts of Steel Shockwave)


Mastermind Creations (Third Party) Transformers Mirrorverse Knight Morpher Mini Cyclops (AKA Hearts of Steel Shockwave)

If you read my Knight Morpher Cyclops blog, you’ll recall that he came with a mini submarine that transformed into a mini Cyclops (AKA Shockwave).  The min subi was since made available by itself as a exclusive in new colors.  The “Mirrorverse” version is clearly an allusion to the Botcon Shattered Glass universe.


Vehicle Mode: I really like the mini sub toy.  I wasn’t sure how it would be on it’s own without the larger toy, but it works very well on it’s own.  Now done in gray and black, he feels a little more solid to me than the original.  Could just be my imagination, but I recall the original had some issue with the sides no staying in place in sub mode.  This one doesn’t seem to have that problem.  Can’t get my hands on my original at the moment to see if there has been a mold change.



Robot Mode: The first thing you may notice is that I was apparently asleep when I took the photos of both of these.  The original purple one’s feet are not properly transformed, and on the Mirrorverse version, I didn’t flip down the flaps at his waist.  Anyway…the new version comes with an accessory that the original didn’t.  He has a replacement arm with an actual hand and a gun, rather than the cannon hand of the original.  You do still need the cannon hand arm to transform into vehicle mode as it becomes the smokestack.

Overall: If the cost of Cyclops put you off, here you can have a piece of him for just $35.  Pretty good deal.

Thanks for reading!

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