Blog #695: Toy Reviews: Botcon 2014 Deluxe Pirate Cannonball


Botcon 2014 Deluxe Pirate Cannonball


Mold: Transformers: Prime Deluxe Ratchet (Repainted, New Head)

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If there is one thing you can be sure Fun Publications will do, it’s repeat other people’s mistakes.  The original Cybertron Cannonball was a repaint of Cybertron Red Alert and they painted one side of his face black to try to give him the look of having an eye patch.  It would have made far more sense to do a new head mold that had the appearance of a bolted on eye patch or something.  So, Fun Publications of course did the same thing.  If they had to do a new head anyway, then why not do it right?  Painting half his face just looks stupid.  Now, it is possible that this is not a new head, but a second one that was molded with the toy as Hasbro has been doing.  Could be they were thinking of repainting him as Cybertron Red Alert.  I don’t know.  That would still be stupid of them.  If you want a new head, do one right, don’t repeat Hasbro’s mistake like they did with the entire Machine Wars set.  In any case, it looks stupid.  As for the rest of his paint job, it’s a pretty faithful homage, and the skeleton makes him the only Pirate toy to have anything vaguely pirate about him.  Unfortunately, he has terrible quality control issues (see the link below).  His knees and thighs can be reversed or even have two lefts or rights.  There is a rivet preventing an easy fix for the knees.  There is some missing paint on his legs on mine.  Just deplorable.

Grade: D

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