Blog #696: Toy Reviews: Botcon 2014 Comic Book and Program


Botcon 2014 Comic Book and Program


Okay, as I don’t have any interest in the Botcon storyline, I have not read this book.  My issues are with the cover.  As you can see the issue number on the cover is #10.  However, this is actually #9 (last year was #8).  So, was it a mistake?  Did someone screw up accidentally?  No, they screwed up on purpose.

See, this should have been Volume 2 #9.  Volume 1 was just a single issue in 2005.  They just changed the number to match the number of years they have been running Botcon.  This is moronic.  If they wanted the number to change, they should have released two comics this year and then it would match going forward.  I could have even lived with them putting #9 on the cover with a scribble through it and 10 written over it.  That would still be stupid, but would at least acknowledged that they are trying to rewrite history.  This was just a dumb move, and I feel bad for the poor fool who tries to collect these ten or fifteen years from now and spends years searching for a nonexistent #9.


Now, if you read my blog about Botcon 2013, you’ll know that while they were banning third party toys they stupidly advertised them in their program.  Well, they did it again.  You can see three third party toys clearly (I’ve marked them in circles).  Might be a few more, but I don’t really collect a lot of them so I’m not certain and there are a couple others I don’t recognize.  This year after apparently relenting and allowing third party they made an announcement on Saturday that they could not be sold which was completely ignored.  Fun Publications is once again displaying their hypocrisy.  If you’re going to ban the toys, or even just maintain that they are illegal (even though they are not) then at least have the decency to not blatantly make money off them.

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2 Responses to Blog #696: Toy Reviews: Botcon 2014 Comic Book and Program

  1. lmb3 says:

    I know they didn’t screw up. It was intentionally stupid. Last year was #8 and this year was #10. Anyway you slice it, that’s stupid.

  2. Tfcrafter says:

    Nobody screwed up. Note: in 2014 Fun Publications included the original Transformers Timelines #1 – Descent into Evil into their numbering resulting in that years issue being #10 instead of #9.

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